Developing thought

Doner side politics vs. voter side politics.

They are different, Democrats in blue areas excell at the first, never having to do another thing after that... no hard door to door handshaking or county fair appearances.  That is why they are shocked at the state of some of their cities - they have never been required to go there for votes.

Kind of a big deal...

It is always an honor to make twitchy, as someone famous says...

That is little 'ol me, fourth down on a Drudge re-post.

This is kinda cool!


I shouldn't...

...have a beer, then comment on Facebook, but hey - you only live once.


Diagnosed 10 years ago.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma 10 years ago today.

This is after I lay in bed at Kaiser for more than a week.

Best day ever.

Finally had a name and direction to slay the beast that had quite literally crippled me.