Busy day

First the painters came for the detail clean up on the bath room.

Then I went to the City of Hope for a BMT reunion.

Came home, got the girls, and went to the Daddy-Daughter Dance.


Details later - with pictures.


Blogging? Who has time?

Construction on the master bath continues, with Jim friendly features being added.

The three week window has blown past double that, and hoping that it only reaches three times estimate.

Easter here has been canceled. Bunny time will be at Nana and Papa's. Next year we will be on the hook. Again.

I need a nap on my new bed.


A few pics from the game

Hey, they won!

Problem is:  You don't see much game when you go with the girls.  You are looking for the peanut guy, escorting to the potty, or goofing with them.

We did have a home run ball land 5 rows in front of us, though.

'night, I'm tired.


Who is ready for a game?

The girls got me a ticket package from COSTCO, redeemed it yesterday, and we are off to the ball game!

I also joined them up for the Junior Angels program -- looks like it's a hit!


I call out Professor Reynolds of Instapundit fame...

Name. That. Party.

Some crackpot former Member of Congress wanted to arm Libya a few years ago, and now wants to arm the rebels.

The article he attaches to does not mention any party affiliation.

Wanna guess?

All of these idiots need to be called out.