Very important day

Day Zero + 1460 (4 years) and counting.


Not Possible!  Obama-care INCREASES health costs?  Must be - well you know the rest...

I am surprised that people keep getting surprised by this.

The funniest thing is that folks like my Sister-in-law thinks that this Obama-care will help her.  Any employer that wants to stay in business will necessarily not provide insurance and just pay a fine.  Tough shit new employee - go find another job in this +8% (actually +11%) unemployment economy.

Hope she is saving up for the tax increases on her and her two (uninsured?) children.

BUT HE PROMISED... actually, he wants you on the last ditch government plan so that you will continue to vote for him.

Ah, I love winning arguments against the straw men...


Tip to pollsters...

When you call me in the evening, here are a few tips that may help you:

  1. Have someone that speaks un-accented English.  This lady had a heavy accent and it was difficult for me to concentrate while I was semi-translating what she said.
  2. Have it quiet in the background.  Background noise also is distracting - ever hear of cubicles?
  3. Read the script slowly.  It was obvious that she was reading from a script, they all do.  However - read it at a moderate pace.  I know that you get paid by how many of these polls you do, but when discussing complex issues like Prop.32, take a breath between the first and 32nd line.
  4. If push polling, actually discuss the issue.  Again, whenspeakingtoofasttheinfodoesn'tsinkin.
I don't mind getting polled, but please, make it somewhat enjoyable.


Nothing new in Democrat politics.

Nope, nothing new here.

Oh, what a long election season it will be.


Marx and Obama

Via my twitter feed:

DavidLimbaugh 13 hours 31 mins ago Twitter
I couldn't quit laughing out loud when I saw this "only known photo of Karl Marx with Obama" HT: my friend Susan


Yea, took me a second.