Happy New Year

Well, I felt sick at Costco today, came home and was running a 101 fever.


Still have a drippy nose and cough to accompany it.

Spent the afternoon and evening going to bed for naps, just punked out.

Is it the new blue pill? Doubt it. I will use it as an excuse to sluff around the house tomorrow (as if I need an excuse).

On the Grands front, grandma is out of the hospital and into rehab -- no one knows what virus hit her, or why it affected her legs. Grandpa is in another facility, apparently charming everyone (he can do that quite well). Don't know if they will be able to go back to their house to independently or not.

By '09, 'lo10.

I am going to nap.



Another Dr. Call

Hey, apperetnly my thyroid is way out of whack.


New pills. Joy.

Can I blame my weight gain on the thyroid? I hope so, I don't feel like dieting off some of this 270 pounds.

Man am I fat.


Lame song, great video

I think that he is actually from down under. They have a funny flag and drive on the wrong side of the road.

I wonder if he is looking for a shooting buddy. I could volunteer...


Wrap, wrap wrap

Why is it up to me to wrap all these presents?

As a side note, if anyone wants a few amazon or woot boxes, come on over.


Aunt Pauline called

Apperently Granpa is not doing well.

Long day at an end

Friday night was the end to a long day.
Friday night was the end of a long week.
Friday night was the end of a long trimester at school.
Friday night was at the culmination of a lot of different threads that, hopefully, we can put behind us.

Remember I sad I was busy?

Here is the deal. Start off (every day) with getting up, taking a pill the size of grain of rice. Can't eat anything before, or after for an hour. Wrangle the girls up and get them ready for school.

JENNA NEEDS TO WEAR RED TODAY -- No red shirts fit her.

JENNA CAN'T TIE HER SHOES -- No time to make this a teachable moment.

Oh, Papa is here for the morning performance at school -- let him in (down dogs, quit jumping).

Here Jenna, put on this pull over -- it's red and it is cold outside.

LOAD UP! (down dogs -- what did you tear up?!?!)

Boy, everyone is her for the last day of school and the performance! Traffic is bad, bad, bad. Did Kristin find a parking spot? What about Mom? Good.

OK, lets go in. Great, no good seats. Here come the kids! They keep coming, I don't think they will have enough room for all the classes... oops, a few classes have to go back to their rooms and actually do something (what will the teacher do now).

SSSSHHHH! It's starting -- Jenna is front and center! Look! Damn camera, doesn't take pictures well at a thousand yards. Lets try video. Well, less worse.

(hey, I'm getting sorta hungry)

Well, performance done, lets go to breakfast at Coco's.

Back home, Mike calls. He is coming over. Great, that just killed off an hour (we love you Mike -- you know it!)

Download pics.

Enough time to go up to the accountant to have him look at the IRS notice? Eeeeh, not quite. Time to check e-mails. E-Vite for another Daisy scout party. Sorry, conflicts with two other things. (down dogs -- what the hell did you get into?!?!)

Traffic isn't as bad picking up Jenna. Hmmm, Caitlyn gets out in 40 minutes, enough time go home? Accountant! Let's go!

Teacher walks by, grinning "Sugar them up -- Send 'em home!"

Off to Brea. Good, dump the docs, he isn't here. Great Jenna hates the elevator (it is very dark), RUN DOWN THE STAIRS!

BACK to BRAIN: "Not good -- Less bounce, more glide. Want more ouch?"

Man, more traffic! Everyone gets out at 12:30 today... MOVE IT you idiot... not you baby... thankfully I find a spot to park.

LOAD UP! Dang, you got a bunch of stuff... WE ARE OFF TO DISNEYLAND! Crap, forgot the camera. STAY IN THE CAR. (down dogs -- what is that smell?!?!) We're off!

Jenna, wake up, we are here!

Crowds not too bad today... it must still be early. Dang, my feet hurt (note to self, get new shoes).

ICE CREAM! Good job girls, keep your face clean!

Matterhorn! Wheeeee!

BACK to BRAIN: "Not good -- Less jerky. Want more ouch?"

FEET to BRAIN: "MOAN -- What happened to the new shoes?"

"Hey girls, just remembered that we have to get the dogs some food... Let's go!"

"Dad, why did we park so far away?"

BODY TO BRAIN: "Why did we park so far away?"

Wow, traffic into the park is MUCH worse. Escaped just in time.

Pet store choice: Huge bag of food or a less huge bag of food. Girls barely get it into the cart. Now the fun part: a treat for the pups.

Home! (down dogs -- what did you do, you look guilty?!?!)

Pizza order. Why do they make it so f#*@&%! tough to just order. Pop ups, small buttons, counter intuitive flow. Can't order it to be delivered in an hour, so I have to wait 20 minutes. Grrrr.

Mom's home! (down dogs -- why do you stink?!?!)

Pizza guy is here!

Harriet is here!

Where are the decorations?

Have a beer, egg nog, and a break.


OMG -- Girls get ready for bed, Dad take the dogs on a walk, 'bye Harriet!

Download pics.

E-mails, editing, snail mail, wow how it builds up (where is the paper?).

OMG time to go to....


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One Done Tree

I have been busy doing other things that have kept me away from blogging. With the passing of Bern, it was rush-rush-rush, get the house ready, get the girls ready, get me ready, help out Kristin when she needed to get ready, keep the dogs in control, coordinate the contractor, go to the doctor (twice), keep an eye on the girls, clean up after the dogs (inside and out) and try to eat, sleep, and be a gracious host to the family.


Last night, Kristin and Jenna went and got the last tree from Lowe's (a $7 deal ) and we decorated it with a lot of help from Harriet. Apparently, Doc and Neil are of the Grinch persuasion. I offered her egg nog and pine tree decorating, and she went for it.

I am beat. Goodnight.

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A challenging day

Long day.

The sandblasting guys came by this morning. Taped up the windows, moved things around, and made a hash of things. Had to keep the dogs cooped up in the house during their prime play time. I also took them to school to pick up the girls. They were all out of sorts today.

In chatting with my neighbor, he got his test results back and found out that he has a brain tumor, and will be operated on next week. They don't think that it is a bad thing, but hey -- it's a brain tumor.

Annie called after dinner, and Bernard is pretty bad. They expect him to pass in the next few days. Kristin went up to see him, and he was somewhat confused and not all there. Apparently, the cancer roared back and his liver is failing. Not much time at all.

My minor complaints of being tired and a sore foot seem to fade after this one.

Gotta give myself a foot rub and get some sleep...