Blogger and his balky internet connection...

What the hell is it with me and routers?

I just replaced my router... third one this year! Are they some kind of canary in the coal mine thing? Do they barf on you when you most need the computer? Are they just pissy?

I have killed off at least 7 or 8 routers. I have only killed one modem, and that one was old.

Luckily, I had a backup one from Woot! on hand, hooked it up and >BAM< everything is good with the world again.

This article really helped, made me less mad at my ISP.

Well, back to the surf grind...


Disneyland and some thoughts...

Went to Disneyland and DCA today. Hot, somewhat crowded, but fun. Walking around, some things continued to annoy me.

  • Old people, new tattoos: It has been my opinion that tattoos are for combat proven Marines and drunk sailors on leave. Pirates too. Not for 60 year old grannies who think it's cool. If you are over 25, forget it. When you turn 30, get them removed.
  • Tattoos of things you have no clue about: Asian characters? No, they really mean "I have stinky bummy!". Bentley Car emblems? No, you don't even qualify to clean the upholstery in one. Sports team? Hope they don't change their mascot, logo, or location.
  • Old guys and rat tails: Dude, you are old. Act respectable and people will respect you. Rat tails belong in the hills of West Virginia... waaaaayyyy back in a 'holler!
  • College team wear: Did you go there? Being a fan is one thing, but to have your whole family with Texas Longhorn clothing, bags, and shoes is just a bit much. If you realy went there, you may not be so proud...
  • Raiders fans: What can I say? Bud Lite is their koolaid, and boy, do they drink koolaid!
  • Fat people on ECVs (Electric Convenience Vehicles): Get off your ass and walk. I used an ECV twice last year. Hated every second of it. Be healed! Walk your ass off! That's what Disneyland is for!
  • Kids with games: If my kids bring a game to Disneyland, it would go under a train... PAY ATTENTION TO THE WORLD AROUND YOU! You may learn something.
  • Adults with iPhones or Crackberrys: See above.

That should keep me calm for a day or so.

Gotta go, a Woot off is going!

Ashamed to be a Californian today...

Our moron Senator Barbra Box-of-rocks embarrassed the whole state today...

It is like she is treating him as "one of them" and he needs to get back on the reservation. Kudos to the guy for slamming this disgrace of a Senator.

Oh, the problem with health care...

I know a few folks that wouldn't qualify for any new medical treatments under the new plan.

Obama -- and the rest of the socialist congress -- are so far out of the main stream it is not funny. This cram down of the health bill is very scary for the republican form of government that we once had.

Don't even get me started on the other things they are doing NOW, with such feirce urgency, that can and will permanently change the USA.

I am quite unhappy, time for a nap...


Busy, busy, busy...

Well, not really.

After the 4th of July party, I usually take a few days to unwind. I sit back, drink left over beer, and eat leftover food. Which means, that I have a real weird few days... Loren's dump cake (ZOOM!), cold beer (WHAM!), baked beans (BLAST!).

So, it takes me a few more days to get all systems running straight, it is worth it!

Just before the 4th I did go up to LA to retrieve something that has been missing for almost two decades. I got a post card from LAPD and they had recovered a .45 pistol that had been stolen from me in the early 90's.


Paperwork, applications, phone calls (bla-bla-bla) and I finally got to get it at Parker Center (LAPD HQ) on July 3rd. Great time to get it too... it was a bureaucratic holiday, so there were hardly any people around, and I found a parking spot right away. The desk Sergeant was clueless, and I wasted 15 minutes going where I knew I wasn't supposed to go, but I did the dance and got the .45 back into my trembling hands.

Eeesh, it was in dreadful condition. Covered in silver finger print powder, rust oozing out of the cracks and crevasse, even the Pachmayr grip was messed up (BTW, Kudos to them , they are sending out a replacement part for the bronze medallion that is missing).

So, I spent 2 hours cleaning it myself, and I did an OK job of it. But it needed to be stripped down to the individual parts and seriously eyeballed. Jan Merson, of American Firearms and Gunsmithing did a great job of doing that for me. Can't say enough about the guy. Got the 'ol .45 up and running and it looks and feels just like old times!

Excuse me, I gotta go admire my new (old) toy...


Grrr... Time Warner Cable internet frustrates Blogger

Here at the mansion, we use Time Warner Cable for our data. Usually, it works well enough. However, a few times an hour it just *stops*.

A note on how I surf: I go to a site like Instapundit or Ernie's, and read and open up a bunch of links all at once. I often do this while streaming radio broadcasts at the same time. Now, while I launch the web sites, the buffered streaming media keeps going... but the browser comes up "connection interupted" or "problem loading page" or "The connection was reset". The stream keeps rolling (it's buffered), but the sites come up missing.

It happens with just me surfing, with the wife surfing alone (who doesn't surf like me at all), and the kids trying to play on

No rhyme or reason.

I did try the online help, playing e-mail tag with a guy... somewhere... and that was a waste. Since it has been happening for months, and intermittently, I suspect that it will be difficult to diagnose. You know how it goes, "Hey it's down now... oh, up... wait ... wait... wait... ITS - oh, it's still up... loading... loading... loading... DOWN!... Up? UP! Oh, loading... loading..."

Esh, it's enough to frustrate a guy.


Light blogging, for a reason.

Yea, I have been busy scampering about with the girls getting a million different little things done for the 4th of July party.

Not only that, but I am getting bids for the sandblasting/re-stucco of the house.
And stone facing on the front.
And insulation in the walls.
And boxing in the eaves.
And painting the trim.
And, and , and...

Boy, while-you-are-at-it-itis realy can bite you in the butt!

Good thing I got the A/C fixed ($300+), I think I will take a nap.


Why am I happy to get a letter from Jerry Brown?

Yes, former Governor Moonbeam, now Attorney General, Edmund G. Brown Jr. sent me a letter confirming the fact that I am eligible to posses firearms.

What a world we live in.

If it were up to him, no one would be eligible to even talk about owning a firearm.

Now I get to go up to LA tomorrow and search for my long stolen (19 years?) .45 ACP.

Woo - Hoo !