I always liked R. Lee Ermey

He seems to always be in character, or his character is always like him. Pretending to be someone else is hard, being an over the top "yourself" can be fun.

gotta eat din-din now...


It has been one of those days...

Wet, windy, and cold.

Looking at the radar map (love that WunderMap), it's all yellow with some green. That's moderately heavy rain. Been like that for the last two days. Yuck.

Not the best day for Kristin's birthday, either. We wanted to go to Disneyland, but that was ruled out early in the morning. So, we went to Hero's -- what's a few beers on a rainy night?

The girls got her PJ's, and I got her a spatula. It is a nice spatula, OXO brand. Oh, and a foot scrubber -- "AS SEEN ON TV".

Hey, you don't give me a decent list of wants, I have to think for my self -- and that ain't pretty.

I will now crawl into a warm, dry bed and forget about today... oh, tomorrow will be the same >CRAP<.

A dawning realization

While picking up, cleaning up, and doing laundry, I realized that this family has a few unique traits.

  • We love to strip and leave the clothes wherever they land
  • We hate picking them up and sorting them in the laundry
  • We love to eat and leave the dishes wherever they settle
  • We hate cleaning the dishes, and if we could, we would eat out of the bag or on paper plates
  • We like clean clothes
  • We hate doing laundry
  • We hate folding laundry
  • We hate putting clean laundry away in the drawers/shelf/closet
  • We love the ease of a pile of clean laundry in the morning to pick our daily wear from
  • Some of us hate taking baths, but then are impossible to extract from the quickly freezing water
  • A couple of us love THAT ball - and want it NOW - GET AWAY!
Oh, what a twisted, Adams Family kind of family we have!