A dawning realization

While picking up, cleaning up, and doing laundry, I realized that this family has a few unique traits.

  • We love to strip and leave the clothes wherever they land
  • We hate picking them up and sorting them in the laundry
  • We love to eat and leave the dishes wherever they settle
  • We hate cleaning the dishes, and if we could, we would eat out of the bag or on paper plates
  • We like clean clothes
  • We hate doing laundry
  • We hate folding laundry
  • We hate putting clean laundry away in the drawers/shelf/closet
  • We love the ease of a pile of clean laundry in the morning to pick our daily wear from
  • Some of us hate taking baths, but then are impossible to extract from the quickly freezing water
  • A couple of us love THAT ball - and want it NOW - GET AWAY!
Oh, what a twisted, Adams Family kind of family we have!

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