Another TSA Outrage

Yea, they took nail clippers from an armed soldier.

Great, I get to do that tomorrow at 06:00.

Yep, it's off to the snow and beautiful down town Carson City NV.

Strange, they only get bad weather when I show up.


Upcoming budget cuts

What Obama and Pelosi want for our Navy.

Well, at least it's stealthy...


It's (still) all Bush's Fault

Obama and his lack of change. Hope he doesn't figure it out any time soon.



Well, looks like I have one more drug to check off my list.

Just as I was getting ready for my 2+hour Aredia infusion, they called an put it on hold. Great timing, Dr. Lee!

What this means is that either my bones have strengthened enough to stop the bone boosting drug, or the effectiveness of it is wearing off and damage to other organs is showing up.

When I went for my bone density screening, the guy couldn't figure out where my vertebrae started and ended. I don't think that's a good thing.

Either way, my afternoon is now clear...

I need a nap.


An open note to the City of Fullerton

So, I sort my rubbish into trash and recyclables, and one truck picks both of them up.

Why should I use my time separating my waste, when it obviously is not a priority to anyone?


I think I may just throw some cardboard in the trash and see if they catch me.