Mostly sucsessful night at Disneyland...

Went to Disneyland with the family.

We got there at dinner time, and since nothing is easy, we went to get a box dinner for the girls at the Village Haus, and then ate at the Zocolo. Since we went there for the night shows, we tooled over to the Haunted Mansion to stake out a place for Fantasmic!, but only got a D+ spot.

After that show, the fireworks started -- then stopped. The old "winds at high altitudes" problem. So we went on the Haunted Mansion, then got a better seat for the 10:30 showing of Fantasmic!

We stopped by Pixie Hollow for some pictures. Disneyland is great at night for pictures, and I am still working on the details as to how it's done. You need a steady hand, and that is tough for me.

As we left the park, Sean Austin was also leaving. This is the second time I have seen him there. The only way I notice him is that he is with a tour guide. Only celebs use tour guides. I have seen Gary Shandling, Duane "DOG" Chapman and his short wife, and some others that I can't recall at the moment.

That's about as close to celebrity as I want to get.


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BHO continues to march after the money

Well, I told ya so!

BHO will control the money, and the policy, while claiming that it is "for the good".

Man, this guy is un-fricken-believable!

Gotta hide now...


The tale of a small gland...

Well, the latest thyroid test came back. Better than before, and right in the middle of the acceptable range.

Great, now all I have to do is get my routine down.

I used to take my fist full of pills in the morning with my shredded wheat, but with the thyroid stuff, my stomach needs to be empty. In the morning, it really is empty. And it has to stay empty for an hour. So I am wobbly and woozy for an hour while the pill (the size of a grain of rice) taunts my hungry system as a meal.

Sometimes I can shit, shower, and shave, but mostly I need to keep sedate. My gyros are very slow in the morning, and if I learch too quickly I just keep going in that random direction. I look very... amusing.

And, no, I don't drink beer in the morning. What do you think this is, Baja?

Next project: Loose some of the 50 pounds I gained over the last year.

Gotta go to bed...