President Obama Has No Idea What Year It Is -- Daily Intel

President Obama Has No Idea What Year It Is -- Daily Intel

What a bright and intelligent individual we have at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Thankfully he isn't one of those moronic Republicans that want to reinstate slavery over these 57 states, and he knows that as long as the price of arugula is stable, all is OK.  None of this bitter clinging to bibles or guns for him!*

Pshhhh, what a self important boob.


*all things he has stated in the past

Now I have something to blog about...

At the end of a busy week with the girls, we used the opportunity to jet off to Disneyland for some afternoon treats.

Went over to Pirates of the Caribbean (long line) and saw the new Blackbeard effect - not bad, but he just says the same things that Davey Jones did yesterday.

Had some time to kill while waiting for our 5:15 fastpass to Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road, so we went over to Star Trader's to see if I could find a shirt I wanted (didn't get it and now it's gone).

WELL, lo and behold -- Star Tours is OPEN.  Not just "do you have a special ticket" open but "sure, soft opening -- get in line" open.


The line was long for what we were used to, but not bad.  They re-worked the que line room that used to have a customs room feel, and now it's just a room with pretty pictures.

The interior que was spiffied up a lot.  They have one BIG video screen (much easier to change, if need be).

They got rid of the old and busted star tours vehicle, and got them a brand spankin' new one!

Lots of neat additions to the line... like more robots and a real interesting camera display that works in the IR range.

Finally, you get to the top, and you get... 3D glasses.


Yea, 3D is "the thing" right now, but leads to silly things just to justify the 3D-ness of it.

Story first, I say.

And did I mention the story?  Well, I will let you figure that out yourself...


Still not focused on blogging...

Just been scampering around, seemingly doing nothing, but getting some things done.

The bathroom remodel is 98% done:  I can shit, shave and shower in one room!  The door needs to be replaced, and a threshold put in, but it works!

Went to the BMT reunion @ COH.  Had a nice time.  Sat with two other old guys that also had Multiple Myeloma.  We swapped stories (never trust a fart), gave advice (LOTS of water for cramps), and made each other feel OK to be surviving.

Didn't see many kids this time, which doesn't tear me up as much.  Old guys with cancer don't phaze me... Kids with cancer rip me open.

After that we went and had the Daddy - Daughter dance at Acacia School.  Had a good time, and only Caitlyn destroyed her dress with chocolate.

A busy life is a happy life.

I guess.

gotta take a nap - with the dogs.