How the Intellecualoids will take over the world...

In an article about "How Sex sells the loss of freedom", there is a great line that applies to much of what is happening.

Leftism as an ideology exists to provide a mechanism for advancing the economic interest and social status of articulate intellectuals. As an ideology leftism seeks to restrict the freedoms, especially the economic freedoms, of everyone who doesn’t work as an articulate intellectual, while at the same time maximizing the freedom of articulate intellectuals.
There is another bit, something that I have noticed...

Most people forget that fascists, communists and the lesser tyrannies of the 20th Century did not initially rise to power as violent, mass-murdering police states. Instead, they began with economic control. They first controlled people’s access to material necessities: to jobs, to housing, to medical care, to education, etc. Only when they could control people’s material environment did they obtain the power to unleash the police state.
It concludes with this:

As you go through your day-to-day life, watch all the decisions that you make that influence your total quality of life. Each time you make such a decision, ask yourself if a leftist would let you make that decision if they had the power to stop you. Would they let you have your house, your job, your car, your food, your random stuff? Would they let you run your own business? Would they protect your right to free speech if they disagreed with you? Would they let you educate your children as you see fit? Would they let you have input on your minor children’s reproductive choices?

If I want to plant petunias in the yard, is it OK, or do I have to go with drought tolerant plantings? If I want a black car, will it be allowed in California? I want my wife to make her famous chocolate chip cookies, will we be taxed extra for making "fat food"? Never mind that I already have to separate my garbage, select from a paltry selection of tiny unsafe vehicles, buy paint that is safe for the environment (but fails after 3-4 years), select only "energy star" products that simply don't do the job for a family of 4.

The intelectualoids are located in dense, large cities. Typically they are childless, or at most, one child family s. To them, a large vehicle (mini van or SUV) is impractical. They take the train or bus to work. They have appartments that need little maintenence. The closest they get to a Home Depot is to get mercury infused twisty lightbubs. Meanwhile, in "flyover country", a family of four or five squeeze into a small, unsafe vehicle, try to maintain a house with inferior products, and suffer at the hands of the "save the earth" idiots that have (and will never) get out and actually do something.

Star Trek

I was lucky enough to go to see Star Trek at a IMAX theater. Good movie, though watching it in hi-def IMAX may have been too much of a good thing.

All the actors have bad skin, and IMAX puts their face in yours. I love my wife, but I know more about the new Kirk's facial quirks than hers.

It does take away some of the movie magic when the story line gets overtaken by the visuals (the whole pourpose of the IMAX experience). If they could have done something with the interiour shots and extreme closeups in non-IMAX, then the other, outside scenes in IMAX, that would have been great.

I do remember that actors (and especially the actresses) are wary of hi-def TV for the same reason: Stagecraft and makeup are not up to the standards of the new hi-def cameras yet.

It is like the "talkies" and "color" all over again. At some point it will find a happy medium.

Gotta go, feeling hormonal (heh, I like that)


The chart for the Thyroid hormone

For once, excelling at something is not good.Can I get away with saying "I feel hormonal today"?

Gotta go, hormones raging...

Just waiting for the call...

My thyroid test came back, and it was still off. Not as much as the first one, but still bad.

They are testing TSH (THYROID STIMULATING HORMONE), and the range is from 0.4-4.00 uIU/mL.

I scored a 5.72!

Finally, something I am good at! The previous one was 6.53.

Now I am just waiting for the Doc to call and tell me what pills to take. Great, more pills.

I feel manic, gotta go --


Damn Thyroid...

Got a call from the Dr., my blood tests came back and my thyroid was way down (or up, can't remember).

Need to take another test in a week.

Bye, I gotta study for it now...


Who are you?

I have a little thinggie called sitemeter, and I am fascinated by the traffic I get.

Russia? Latvia? Australia? UK? WOW!

The one that realy gets me thinking is my fan in Alabama.

Do I know you? While it is possible that I do, search chemo brain and you will understand the question...

Please, drop me a note, I am curious as to who you are.


City of Hope's Celebration of Life Reunion

Just got back from the COH BMT reunion. Great event. Got my 1 year BMT badge (as big as a plate) and a blue hat with LA on it. Must be some baseball team or something. All my ball caps are red.

Took Jenna with me, and she had a blast, cupcakes and ice cream galore for her.

I need a nap.