Tonight we shuffle!

Hopefully, tomorrow we start on a bold new adventure.

We are tearing out the bathroom -- down to the studs -- and refreshing the "master" bath.


For three to four weeks, we will be living in a construction zone.


For three to four weeks, I will not have a proper shower.


For three to four weeks, I will have to mosey on down the hall, two left turns, and find the other toilet to pee in @ 0'dark thirty.


For three to four weeks, my routine will be in chaos. But change is good. Right?

Yesterday, today, and tonight we pulled out everything from our bathroom and bedroom and crammed it throughout the house. It's a big project. Pretty wiped out now.

Gotta get some sleep, while I can.


Pushed my luck today...

...and so far, survived to tell the tale.

Went to Disneyland with the girls. Absolute perfect day, nice crowds, and us. What else could you ask for?

When we got there, we saw this FIRE TRUCK in the parking lot:

A charity from downunder! Never got a chance to speak with the folks, they just blazed on...

I need a nap.


Hubris - I feel thy sting...

Well, what can I say.

My battle with Multiple Myeloma and the after affects, has brought up my first big scare.

Yesterday, I went to the ER with a 103 fever and labored breathing. If it weren't for some pesky women insisting that I go to the ER (and not wait for an appointment) it could have been much worse.

Kaiser got me in, took blood and x-rays right away. Then they put a bag of fluids in me, as well as an initial dose of anti-biotics.

I am taking DOXYCYCLINE for the pneumonia, and I am feeling MUCH better today.

This is a setback, as I was getting fairly good stamina from the gym. Not that I can't get it back, but it will take even longer to get back to my pre-cancer levels of stamina.

And we are having such lovely weather outside, I am a bit pissed that I can't go out and enjoy it.


Talk about bad timing...

Yep, yesterday about 3:00 that little tickle in my throat turned into a full blown, miserable cold - flue - whatever.

I slept most of the day, and expect to do the same for the next few days.

What a mess.


Not much happening...

Beautiful weather, not much happening. Waiting for bids on the bathroom project and we made reservations for vacation. Other than that, not much happening.