Day zero + 1095

Well, three years ago I had a date with the drip line.

I survived.

I seem to be thriving after it too.

Off to celebrate - alone - at Disneyland today.  Say a little prayer for Bern, then some fun.


Just realized that I missed day 1000.  That could have been a fun day!  Oh, guess what - I WAS AT DISNEYWORLD!

Coming up on Three Years!

This time, three years ago, I was packing to go to the City of Hope to have my bone marrow chemo-ed away and my wonderful stem cells come in to help rebuild my immune system.

What a wonderful world we live in.


Apparently, it's important...

Ken likes brownies, and Susan makes some good ones.  My Mom does an OK job of it, but Kristin makes cookies that will blow them all away...


Not that kind?


Gee, you think a Chicago polititian works this way?

The whole thing is corrupt... and BHO is in the thick of it.

Just like the Gunwalker scandal, and a host of other percolating scandals, the Chicago machine has come to
Washington and doing what they do best -- fleecing the taxpayer.

I need to move...


Update: Trip to see Dr. Lee

Had an appointment with Dr.Thomas Chung-Kiang Lee, Hematology Oncologist to the Stars.

So far, things look OK.  Some tests have not come back yet, but that is due to the holiday.

I asked about my new found ability to profusely perspire seemingly on command, and we both agreed that it may only be a problem when the weather turns cooler.

And how did I celebrate that AND loosing 5 pounds since the last visit?

Yep:  Breakfast Burrito at Nick's Super Burger!

I need a nap...