Day Zero

Well, I have my stem cells back. Actually, only half of the 9.1 million, the rest in reserve.

They gave me some pre-meds for nausea, antibacterial and anti fungal treatments. Gotta keep those buggers down now.

The actual treatment was pretty low key. They just hooked me up to another drip on my pump tree, pushed it in me, and it was done in 25 minutes.

It feels good that this is such a routine procedure, that there was no hitches, complications, or panicky calls for a doctor.

Cold! The cells were frozen, so they defrosted them (no microwaves here!) just enough to get them flowing. The cold slush travels through the plastic tubing, into my catheter, up my jugular, and through the heart -- and hopefully on to recharging the destroyed bone marrow.

Afterward, I just took a hour and a half nap.

Pretty quiet day, though ultimately the most vital day of my adult life.

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