I'm in the zone now...

I was scheduald for an 11:00 appointment, but yesterday they called and told me I was to be "on call".

They called at noon asking where I was.

Got to COH at 12:50, checked in, and waited.

And waited.

got into the room after 3:30.

Nice room. Cable, DSL, a view of the 605. The pidgens hang out and tap on the window when they want attention. Nurses come in to draw blood (11 so far today), and I have a good sized menu to order dinner from.

It definately could be worse.

Tomorow is the start of treatment, so I shoud get some rest -- I also get to watch the Angels on FSW without kids interupting.


Oh, my room is 6125. Phone is 626-359-8111, but it is better to call me on the cell phone. Skype is also up and running ( jim.is.ill ).
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