This guy understands...

I think he is from a state the size of Orange County.

Perfect illustration of what is wrong in the swamp of Washington DC.


Who goes Nazi? ***updated***

I read this article from Harpers ( I know, first time for everything) and immediately recognized several people I have known.

I know the person she describes as Mr. B: He is a great guy, but he signed up for "Airline Captains for Obama". Nice knowing you. Don't call.

Mr. G also sounds familiar.

I also know several Mr. C's... I am not impressed.

What I realized is that the friends I have kept over the years would never "Go Nazi". Not that I have given it much thought, but instinctively I have cherished the friends that are well rooted and don't sway with the winds.

Does that make them boring? No, just reliable. And trustworthy. And worth their (ever expanding) weight in gold.

To my friends: Thank you.

I will continue to keep up my part of the deal.


***This is not to imply that any of my friends ARE National Socialists of Germany.  Replace NAZI with the political Flavor Of The Month, and you get my point.  People that go with the FOTM are unreliable in my estimation, and when things crash (which they do), they are the first to denounce their previous selves.  In short, they are flakes.  Spineless, whipsawed sheep.  Their opinions are as worthless as the ether that carries them.***

Something in the air...

Yep, the stench of failure.

I need a shower...


Update from Dr. Lee's office

I had an appointment with Dr. Lee yesterday, and while I am still "OK", there are some trends that need to be reversed.

First, I am turning into a very large spud, weighing in at 275. True, a vacation followed by a week of preparations for a major party on the 4th didn't help, but still, I need to figure out how to loose weight. I have never voluntarily lost weight. Only twice have I lost weight, once when I had pneumonia, and then when I was having radiation. I need a third way.

Second, my IGD number is creeping up and up. Still within the normal range, but it went up from zero. Steadily.

The neuropathy in my feet and fingers are ever present. Typing -- being a touch typist -- can yeald surprising results. Walking and standing with little feeling in the feet can be a challenge too. I find that I don't lift my feet up, and snag stuff, causing a trip response. Since I don't have control over those micro adjustments that everyone uses to stay upright, I tend to stumble.

Memory, names, and descriptions can still escape me. Instead of caulk, I blurt out "white stuff in a tube that you squirt out to fill gaps in the trim before you paint stuff".

Bottom line, I am a fat stumbling, chemo brained idiot.

Eeesh, I need a nap.