This is for those who think that we have enough money...

OK, my "hate the rich" friends, comments please?


It's not pleasant. It may not be popular. But it is as simple as that. Companies and families regularly cut their spending to fit their income, why can't government?

I gotta plant food in the back yard now...


This looks like fun...

I bet Jenna would chop me in half, though...


902 Days

Just ran a spread sheet, in vain hopes that I can win a book, to find out how long it has been since "Day Zero".

Amazing what has happened then. Today I have done these things:
  • Wake up and bounce out of bed
  • Drive the girls to school
  • Work out at the YMCA
  • Eat cereal for breakfast
Those are things that I would not have been able to do, all those days ago.

Just this week, I have done these things:

  • Eat out
  • Eat out at Disneyland
  • Go to Disneyland
  • Go shopping at Costco
Someday, perhaps I will start on things from the bucket list...

I need a nap.


Blogging has been light...

... the house is under attack by construction workers.

The master bath is under reconstruction - larger shower area, commode on the other side of the (small) space, decent vanity with two ( ! ) sinks, different window, and moving the door and said window to different locations.

We (Kristin and I) have been sleeping on the couches for over a week. The bathroom stuff is in the den, living room and small bath. Dressers are in the living room. The bed is on the porch, hall, living room, and bedroom. I shower in the bath tub shared with the girls.

During the day, I hide in the office, keeping an eye on things while staying out of the way.

I did have a doctors appointment up in LA, at Kaiser Sunset. Things are looking good, and they took me off of one more med. Joy!

More - later - when the hammering stops.
And I can shower.
And I can work out completely.
And sleep in my bed.
And nap in my bed.
And, and and...


Three years ago, I could barely walk

I was in the hospital - Kaiser Lakeview - with a back brace on, lots of morphine, and no idea what was the problem.

I was rather loopy. I recall that I had some rather strange conversations with friends when they came over.

Oh, and I had not pooped for almost a week.

Yes, I have come a long way since then. I only hope I keep it up and don't do something stupid - like stub my toe and have it get gangrene.