Blogging has been light...

... the house is under attack by construction workers.

The master bath is under reconstruction - larger shower area, commode on the other side of the (small) space, decent vanity with two ( ! ) sinks, different window, and moving the door and said window to different locations.

We (Kristin and I) have been sleeping on the couches for over a week. The bathroom stuff is in the den, living room and small bath. Dressers are in the living room. The bed is on the porch, hall, living room, and bedroom. I shower in the bath tub shared with the girls.

During the day, I hide in the office, keeping an eye on things while staying out of the way.

I did have a doctors appointment up in LA, at Kaiser Sunset. Things are looking good, and they took me off of one more med. Joy!

More - later - when the hammering stops.
And I can shower.
And I can work out completely.
And sleep in my bed.
And nap in my bed.
And, and and...

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