What a day... so far

I tried to get this to the tune of the Beatles "A Day in the Life", but it just wouldn't fit.

Got up a bit early - like 5 minutes - when I heard my phone chirp that I had a text message.  I was expecting the text, but when I got to the phone, it needed to reboot for some updates. >CRAP<

Fine.  Update away, I need a Diet Coke.

10 minutes later, after a boot, screen, boot, screen loop, I yanked the battery to start over. >CRAP<

Fine.  I need to get dressed.

10 minutes later, the phone is still boot - screen - boot. >CRAP<

Fine.  I need to get the girls to school, plus their friend (the original text message) needs to be picked up.

Get the girls to school, everyone is happy. Go work out, come home, go online to see if I can hard boot this thing.  Get in the que for Motorola 's chat line for help.

Fine.  I need to get breakfast.  >CRAP< no milk = no breakfast.

Chat concludes, no hard reboot possible with my fingers and IQ not working well today (did I mention no breakfast?).

Fine.  Gotta shower and get over to Caitlyn's class for a talk she is giving on her book. >CRAP< Dropped Kristin's mirror on the floor, breaking it.  Clean that up.

Get in the car, check in, go to her class for her presentation.  Record it, give her a kiss and blaze out to the Verizon store.

They take the phone, take it to the "back room" and I go get brunch @ Burger King.  Watch Caitlyn's video, but there seems to be no audio. >CRAP< I was too far away.

Go back to the Verizon store, wait a few more minutes, the doctor comes out and pronounces my phone dead. >CRAP< I have only had it a year.

Fine.  Get a new phone, get in the car, pick up the girls from school, go home. >CRAP< Forgot the milk.  Go to Target get milk and a mirror, come home.

I think I will hide in a bunker for the rest of the day...


Just a though...

Just realized how many groups and organizations want part of my (very pitiful) pile of cash.
1) St. Juliana Falconieri church just started their PSA campaign (again) wanting to expunge their debt of over $1million.
2) The Foundation The Acacia Partnership - Supporting Acacia Elementary School wants money to save programs on the cutting block
3) The GOP wants money so they can continue to be impotent in the face of any opposition
4) The City Of Hope wants money to keep researching my cancer in hopes of a cure - not a stand off
5) The NRA, CPRA, and NRA-ILA want money so I can keep my God given rights in place
6) Jerry Brown and his ass-hat clowns want more money so they won't cut funding to the Snail Darter Commission
7) Obama wants more money to teach people a lesson about having too much (or something)

Yes, I pay money to all these groups for various reasons... Not much, sometimes nothing (yes, I am looking you GOP), but stewardship of this world requires commitment of time and treasure.

Trust me, there is never enough of either.


Off on an adventure...

Yep, we went to Disney's California Adventure...

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Had a pretty good time.  Got to see World Of Color (the BACK side).  Dinner at the boardwalk, nice music, then off for a few rides.

Man, I'm tired.


An open letter to the Susan G. Komen foundation

Thanks for clarifying the Planned Parenthood situation.

I, my wife, my two daughters, my mother ( a breast cancer survivor ), or my grandmother (a breast cancer survivor) will never participate, endorse, purchase, or in any way affiliate with your organisation.


That means your sponsors, your pink ribbons, your races - everything.


If even one cent of my prior support went to Planned Parenthood - for any reason - it is a direct assault on what I believe as a Catholic, father, and loving parent of two young girls.

Every time I see a pink ribbon, I will think only of your direct or indirect support of aborting innocent children.

Your pink ribbons now symbolize the political correctness of your fundraising and "giving".

Thank you for your time.

James Crum