Grumpy old Fart

That's what I called myself today to one of the Daisy moms. I have a head cold (or allergies), my back hurts when I cough, and I am walking around in a haze.

My back went south Saturday night, and Sunday was just miserable. While It is slowly getting better, once in a while it "catches" and all those bad old memories come back. Coughing doesn't help. Especially the cough jags that I have with this allergy/cold thing.

Oh, and the Sudafed seems to mess with the thyroid pills.

It's 3:45, time for a nap...


I like this

A low point in our political history, this video makes fun of it...

Every one in that room should be run out of town.

Tar. Feather. Rail.


Back from Carson City...

...and note that I didn't say vacation.

Visited with the grands, and considering, they seem OK. Did a bit of work around the house for grandma, nothing serious, but she needs new valves on her washer, and the roof is fine for now, but coming to its chronological end soon.

Pauline and Bob were fantastic hosts, as usual. Went with Bob to Cabella's and finally found a belt that I can wear through security. Re-installed XP on his computer, and it works great now.

While up there, I don't know if it was the altitude, humidity (or lack thereof), or the cold, but I had cramps all over. It took me a few days to recover, once I got home. I think I actually pulled a muscle in my leg when I got home.

As I write this, I am having an old experience that I hoped I had left in the past. Those mid back, sharp twitches that suck the air out of me have started up again. Not fun. Hopefully it is because I pushed myself a bit too far today, carnying some new plants when we went to the Arb today (got some peanuts to plant for Jenna and tomatoes for me).

I should rest now...


Jerry Brown -- I remember him!

Dr. Barbra Stone thought he was a weird kid (she went to school with him). She isn't far off!


Ten years after

Well, we just had our 10th anniversary.

It has been a great ten years, and I hope only the first of many decades with the love of my life.

Yes, we have been through a lot recently, but we did get through it, and will continue to get through these things in the future.


The girl who almost ate the baby...


Guess where we are having Easter next year?

And is she looking forward to it!

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