Yes, Harriet, it is Fascism

This article demonstrates that what the big O is doing is indeed fascism.

Did we see it coming?


Did anyone listen?


I am reminded of an article I read years ago (since lost to the haze of time), that Europe in the 30's it was "hip and cool" to be a Fascist. Or a Communist. Famous people like Henry Ford thought that it was a great idea. All that anti Jew ( Slavic, Protestant, catholic, gypsy...) stuff was just talk. Labor, capital, and government could work as one for better results.

Now, the Big O is hip and cool. People like George Sorros think that this is a great path that we have emparqued on. The hedge funds, bankers, Wall Street speculators, and tea party folks are the true problem. After all, are they not racist?

What is truly telling is that today the big O announced that Chrysler is going bankrupt. Not the CEO of Chrysler ( unless you consider the big O as the defacto CEO ). The big O and his cronies (unions) run things now.

All within 100 days.

Not bad.


BTW, I didn't go to any tea parties on the 15th. Too many things to do. Plus, it was in Santa Ana. Why there? Parking is crappy, NOTHING to do there, only lawyers (and the swine they represent) and bureaucrats have a reason to be there.


I gotta go plant some pumpkin seeds...


yea, I have been busy, but not too much...

Since I have been feeling better, I have been doing a bajillion little things that have been piling up around here. Little things like, making eye appointments ( I think I need bifocals ), finish fixing the sprinklers ( THANKS DAD! ), laundry, clearing out the garage, and cleaning out the car ( OMG, the girls are pigs in the back ).

Still have another bajillion things to finish, but you gotta start somewhere...


What a shock

The car crash that killed Adenhart happend just a few miles from here. I know the area well.

Our thoughts and prayers to the families, and may the SOB that caused the crash rot in hell.


Happy Anniversary!

Nine years ago, we got married here in Fullerton. A nice ceremony with no disasters or "YouTube" moments.


What we did yesterday was go to the Angel's game. Ditch the kids with the Grands, get there a bit early, and enjoyed the game... up to the 7th inning stretch. Adenhart shut the A's out of the first 6 innings, then the bull pen blew it -- especially with 3 runs in the top of the ninth.


In the middle of the 4th, Kristin had put up on the score board "Happy Anniversary Jim & Kristin". The picture may be coming, but the lens was smeared with Ruby's french fry grease (How she does it, I'll never know).

We got home a bit late, and slept in. Not a bad date!

I gotta get something for breakfast --


Two new threats to the Universe...

The Universe just got a little more unsafe. On Saturday, two of the meanest, dirtiest, low downest Yellow Belts were unleashed onto the unsuspecting world. They expect to rule us all with in the week!

(moan) Sick, but not sick enough...

The family has been passing around this chest cold thing for a couple of weeks.

Jenna seems to be the head germ, she actually has had a fever a few times.

Kristin and Caitlyn stayed home one day last week, both just sick enough.

Everyone is coughing, hacking and miserable... but not enough to do anything about it.

Well, I got tired of it and set an appointment for tomorrow morning. Of course they won't see the whole family ( just all of us -- one at a time). I had a low fever last night, so I thought it was time to nuke this thing.


Caitlyn has a new thing...

Skateboarding! She has not figured out how to make it go straight yet (it keeps going off into the grass). Hopefully she will not do what her Papa did, and break a bone.