Yes, Harriet, it is Fascism

This article demonstrates that what the big O is doing is indeed fascism.

Did we see it coming?


Did anyone listen?


I am reminded of an article I read years ago (since lost to the haze of time), that Europe in the 30's it was "hip and cool" to be a Fascist. Or a Communist. Famous people like Henry Ford thought that it was a great idea. All that anti Jew ( Slavic, Protestant, catholic, gypsy...) stuff was just talk. Labor, capital, and government could work as one for better results.

Now, the Big O is hip and cool. People like George Sorros think that this is a great path that we have emparqued on. The hedge funds, bankers, Wall Street speculators, and tea party folks are the true problem. After all, are they not racist?

What is truly telling is that today the big O announced that Chrysler is going bankrupt. Not the CEO of Chrysler ( unless you consider the big O as the defacto CEO ). The big O and his cronies (unions) run things now.

All within 100 days.

Not bad.


BTW, I didn't go to any tea parties on the 15th. Too many things to do. Plus, it was in Santa Ana. Why there? Parking is crappy, NOTHING to do there, only lawyers (and the swine they represent) and bureaucrats have a reason to be there.


I gotta go plant some pumpkin seeds...

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