Drugstore.com SUCKS -- Conclusion

Package delivered, late in the day, but still delivered.

What a mess. Things that I learned:
  • Drugstore.com is a bottomless, vacuous pit.
  • I used them MANY years ago, until I noticed that they signed me up for some sort of service with recurring fees on my credit card.
  • Their e-mail help feature is worthless.
  • Their human help people, while very nice, are running about .333 on their effectiveness.
  • I will never use them again. Ever.
Yes, I even took them off of my bookmarks, spam alerted all their sales crap, and will spit at them if they call. I hope that the fleas of a thousand camels will infest their bodies -- but then they have products to fix that I suppose.

(sigh) I gotta go clip some nails...


Drugstore.com SUCKS IV

Well, it seems that someone at UPS found the box.

Guess what, it will be delivered on October 1, 2009. Supposedly.

Track it yourself -- google this: 1Z6RA0680320153920

We shall see if it even gets here.

Remember, this order was placed on September 12, 2009. It will have taken 19 days to get nail clippers and deodorant.

Am I going to shop at Drugstore.com again?


If it were not for me haranguing them into looking into things, it would still be propping up the corner of the microwave in the lunch room. Absolutely ridiculous.

Esh, I gotta go, I stink...


Drugstore.com SUCKS III

Well, I have a tracking number from yesterday!

Is it processing? Well...

Billing Information Received

Which means they sent the package information to UPS, but UPS has not taken physical custody of the box.

It usually takes a few hours for this to work out, but it has been over 24 hours since the billing information was sent. UPS (and I love 'em) never takes long for them to scan a box.

UPS has not scanned it.

UPS doesn't have the box to scan.

Sounds like it is lost in the vortex again!

Gawd, I need those clippers. I'm starting to look like Howard Hughes.


Drugstore.com SUCKS II

Checked today, still no movement.

Since it was 103 outside, I decided to get on the phone to rattle a cage or two.

Since it was my THIRD call to them, they had a record of who and what.

Got yet another nice human on the other end. This time he was genuinely shocked at what crappy service he and his company were giving. He put me on hold and actually went to his supervisor to light a fire under someone in the warehouse.

It seems to have worked, or at least they sent me an e-mail that it actually shipped.

We will see.

Sheesh, all I wanted was my new nail clippers and deodorant.


Drugstore.com SUCKS

I put an order in with them on Sunday, September 12. Drugstore.com said OK, we are processing it and all things are in stock.

E-mailed them five days later, and they took my concern seriously, and said that it is still processing.

Upped the ante and e-mailed a humanish robot. It was still processing.

Called yesterday and talked to an actual human (based in North America no less!) and said it is still processing. BUT, they will give me free upgraded shipping on my next order. Riiight -- as if!

Called today. Again, a nice guy on the line that said the ticket in the warehouse was not acted upon "they are real busy". It is still processing.

Their suggestion is to go cancel the order and try again. Bullshit. If I cancel, I will go to Walgreen's down the street and get the stuff that way. I just want to stay in the AC and get my package -- LAST WEEK.

I would be really pissed, but it is still processing.


A cool little visitor

Saw this little guy pecking away at my tree. It's a good sign that he didn't stay long, but the visit was nice.

I must get a better zoom camera, though.

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Hmmm, where do I fit on this chart...

I think I am somewhere on this chart...

Who, me? Yea, I am busy...

...but not BIG busy. I am little busy. You know, scampering around and getting little things done here and there -- nothing to write a blog post about.

Example: Yesterday, after the girls went off to school, I showered just in time for Dad to come over and take me to Home Depot. Back to the house in time to pick up Jenna at school and see Caitlyn long enough to relise that she had already eaten lunch (it was family picnic day). Back to the house for an air conditioned picnic (ahhhh). Off to the credit union for a bit of banking, then get Caitlyn at school. Get them dressed for Karate, off to school. Meet Mom and Dad at Karate, then Dad and I go and pick up Tony's pistols at the gunsmith. Take Dad back to his car and get dinner for the Wife and I (the kids can have leftovers). Go home, start laundry, dinner and wait for the Wife to come home. Finish dinner in front of the TV, watch the Angels barely win. Sleep, do it all over again.

As an old Bulgarian friend used to say: "Nothing Wow".

Gotta go, laundry is done in the dryer.


Quick medical update

Well, I went to see Dr. Lee, and things are cruising along.

Yes, I have some Peripheral neuropathy that makes my toes feel weird. Something of a concern, if I stub my toe. I also detect a bit of it in my fingers, but nothing to get concerned about -- yet.

I will deal with it.

My back isn't 100%, but I try to stretch it out and keep it flexible, eat some calcium, and that keeps it in check. Related to that is the almost constant cramps I have in either my toes, legs, lower back, middle back, abs, and hands.

I will deal with it.

My blood counts are low-ish, but that is expected with the Thalidomide. Seems that it also is responsible for the cramps. Problem is, if I stop, the cancer can come back, bigger and badder than ever. This is keeping it in check for the moment. I quit, that is the last I can use this drug -- forcing me into a different chemo regimen that may or may not be as effective.

I will deal with it.

Slightly more challenging is the thyroid. Still have days of "manic-ness", and I recently refilled my RX. Well, I wasn't supposed to eat my calcium or multivitamin right after the 1 hour time limit is up. My pill regimen is getting complicated again.

I will deal with it.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment at the City of Hope for my "brain test", where they test my chemo brain functioning. Long, hot haul up, and a hotter haul home. It will be interesting to see if they finished that building they started when I was there a year ago.

Well, I gotta go get a kid out of school...