Drugstore.com SUCKS -- Conclusion

Package delivered, late in the day, but still delivered.

What a mess. Things that I learned:
  • Drugstore.com is a bottomless, vacuous pit.
  • I used them MANY years ago, until I noticed that they signed me up for some sort of service with recurring fees on my credit card.
  • Their e-mail help feature is worthless.
  • Their human help people, while very nice, are running about .333 on their effectiveness.
  • I will never use them again. Ever.
Yes, I even took them off of my bookmarks, spam alerted all their sales crap, and will spit at them if they call. I hope that the fleas of a thousand camels will infest their bodies -- but then they have products to fix that I suppose.

(sigh) I gotta go clip some nails...

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