Drugstore.com SUCKS

I put an order in with them on Sunday, September 12. Drugstore.com said OK, we are processing it and all things are in stock.

E-mailed them five days later, and they took my concern seriously, and said that it is still processing.

Upped the ante and e-mailed a humanish robot. It was still processing.

Called yesterday and talked to an actual human (based in North America no less!) and said it is still processing. BUT, they will give me free upgraded shipping on my next order. Riiight -- as if!

Called today. Again, a nice guy on the line that said the ticket in the warehouse was not acted upon "they are real busy". It is still processing.

Their suggestion is to go cancel the order and try again. Bullshit. If I cancel, I will go to Walgreen's down the street and get the stuff that way. I just want to stay in the AC and get my package -- LAST WEEK.

I would be really pissed, but it is still processing.

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