Who, me? Yea, I am busy...

...but not BIG busy. I am little busy. You know, scampering around and getting little things done here and there -- nothing to write a blog post about.

Example: Yesterday, after the girls went off to school, I showered just in time for Dad to come over and take me to Home Depot. Back to the house in time to pick up Jenna at school and see Caitlyn long enough to relise that she had already eaten lunch (it was family picnic day). Back to the house for an air conditioned picnic (ahhhh). Off to the credit union for a bit of banking, then get Caitlyn at school. Get them dressed for Karate, off to school. Meet Mom and Dad at Karate, then Dad and I go and pick up Tony's pistols at the gunsmith. Take Dad back to his car and get dinner for the Wife and I (the kids can have leftovers). Go home, start laundry, dinner and wait for the Wife to come home. Finish dinner in front of the TV, watch the Angels barely win. Sleep, do it all over again.

As an old Bulgarian friend used to say: "Nothing Wow".

Gotta go, laundry is done in the dryer.

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