Nothing here - move along...

...This isn't the lump you have been looking for.

Just got back from the doc, and lumpy, tender area isn't anything to be worried about.

Trust them - they are doctors!

That is all - I need to make another appointment for March.


Smartest. President. Ever.

So - the Bamster gave a SOTU speech last night.

He doesn't like long sentences... neither do I.

He doesn't like big words... neither do I.

However, NO ONE has accused me of being the smartest person in the room, NO ONE has had chills running up their leg when they talk to me, and NO ONE has any fantasy of me being President.
A Smart Politics study of the 70 orally delivered State of the Union Addresses since 1934 finds the text of Obama's 2012 speech to have tallied the third lowest score on the Flesch-Kincaid readability test, at an 8.4 grade level.
Is this why no one can find anything he wrote at the Law Review he worked at?

Is this why he won't release any of his school records?

Is this why Bill Ayers wrote his books for him?

This guy is in over his head, and is treading on ego alone.

-- There is a reason I don't watch these --

What did he say that's new?  Nothing.

Man, I will be so glad when this is over... next year!

I gotta go eat some Girl Scout Cookies...


Yesterday was interesting...

Yesterday, I had an appointment @ Kaiser Lakeview to have a mammogram and ultrasound.


For about a month, I have had this "tender" spot on my chest. Never would have figured it out if it were not for the fact that I have dogs and kids constantly climbing into my lap when I watch TV.

At first I thought it was a bruise (sharp elbows and paws), but it never went away.

So, off to the Doctor, who set this up.


Who knows at this point.


Hell yea.

Once again, if there is anything else to report, I'll put it up.



Something to hate from each candidate...

No one candidate has caught my fire yet.  Some (like Gingrich and Paul) are getting on my nerves.  Some I don't care one bit about - out of sheer "why the hell is he doing this" attitude (Huntsman).

However, this doesn't help me much.  I present it to you only so that you can see the diffrences, and hopefully you can figure out something that you like.

Have fun!


Bone survey says...



Thoracic and lumbar spine -- Severe L2 compression fracture noted similar to the previous 2008 study. Moderate degenerative change and spondylosis identified in the thoracic and lumbar spine. Facet degeneration.
Skull -- no obvious finding. Lucency previously described 2008 study not very well demonstrated. 
Cervical spine -- Minimal degenerative change and spondylosis in the spine. No focal lesion is seen. 
Pelvis and femur -- mild to change in hip joints. Faint lucency in the right proximal femur similar to previous report. Other described lucencies not very well demonstrated now. 
Humerus series -- Mild Degenerative change in the acromioclavicular joint. Only one lucency is seen in the mid distal aspect of the left humerus measuring about 1.4-cm. 

Well, at least I am stable.