Good F-ing riddance 2008

Lousy year.

'Nuff said.


The challenge of photographing kids...

For the last few years, we have gotten a family picture, usually at Disneyland, and send it out as a card.

This year, try as I may, I have been unsuccessful.

Dozens, if not hundreds, of pictures later I have given up.

Herding these two so that I can get a good picture is near impossible. The requirements are simple:
  1. Both smiling. A real smile and not a "I am smiling, Dad" smile.
  2. Both looking at the camera. Jenna tends to look sideways at something -- anything -- that is more interesting.
  3. Hair in reasonable condition. They both have random bits of hair that like to streak across their eyes.
  4. Both eyes open. Two eyes per child, it is amazing that only three out of four are open at any one time.
  5. Camera works properly -- the flash isn't too close, too far, not working, inappropriate, or the focus is off some how. Nice camera, just not perfect all the time.
  6. Framing the picture correctly. This drives me crazy -- people want to take a picture of you and they take a picture of ALL of you. I don't care about anything below chest height... I want the face -- not the background.
So, we went tonight to the picture people and spent money to have done what I couldn't acomplish myself.

They came out OK.

One of them Jenna had her signature sideways looks, of course. The glare off my glasses (and bald head) were distracting. But Caitlyn, Mom, and Jenna looked great.

That's all I can ask for.


Caitlyn's big award

She won an award for "Demonstrating exemplary effort, work habits, and behavior".

Yes, I am quite proud of my kid. There were only five awards given out to her class, and she got one.

Too bad her effort, work habits, and behavior don't come into play with her household chores!

Proud Dad...

Update of the day - 4-Dec-08

Well, I am feeling fine. Better than I have in a year. Not much to report on with the health thing, other than I went back to my original Oncologist (Dr. Lee) yesterday, and got back up to speed with him.

He sent me out, telling me to loose weight, set me up with Aridia infusion, and sent me to the blood draw lab to get poked ( only 7 vials, a light day).

I started the Thalidomide Tuesday evening. Not much to report on that, no nausia or anything.

I took the Schicklets to Disneyland, had a great time, and got totally wore out. Crowds were there, but lines were not too bad.

That's enough small stuff for this post...