Almost back to normal

Well, seems like the virus attack is over.

I put away the netbook, got my desktop back from the shop, and started using Windows 7.

I got two new viruses.


Now, being that it is on essentially a new computer (new WD black 1TB hd) with a fresh install of Win7, you would think that I would have a bit of breathing room... But Noooooo.

Security Essentials took care of it -- but what a waste of time. Now I am looking around for viruses every three minutes while my CPU and NET time are being sucked up by Carbonite, and having to wrestle with e-mail pop details (36 hours of not reading the instructions right) and finding old bookmarks and e-mail backups....

Well, you get the picture.

Just think, I actually enjoy some of this.


F*ing virus

  1. My franken computer is in the shop, toasting both hard drives for the second time
  2. I am using a netbook that we use when we travel temporarily
  3. The GD netbook got a virus
  4. It infiltrated my G-mail account
  5. luckily, I don't have many addresses stored there.
I hate this netbook, the keys are all wrong, I can't feel them (or the home keys) and serious typing is quite laborious.

Hope the monster computer is done...


The little people have Stay-cations...

Yes, they can eat arugula...

Time for some hotdogs, Bamster...


More useless info from me...

It is amazing that when you have so little in life to report on, you can report on it all and make it sound so interesting.

Here at the mansion, my main computer crashed after updating XP to prevent the big security hole that came up this week. Well, it wouldn't stop restarting, so I tried to reinstall XP to no avail.


Brain work good not anymore, so off to the new (and slightly scary) computer repair shop. I'll just throw money at it until I have to make another one. Last time I toasted everything -- two new hard drives got me going.

Back at Crum Manor, I fired up the wife's netbook only to have it come up with a virus right away. Some security hole, Microsoft. Caught that one and updated everything, then off to dinner.

This morning, the damn thing had two viruses, and it took all day to unscrew everything.

NOW I get to type on a slick keyboard that I can't feel (neuropathy) on a screen I can barely see (old age).

Well, at least the girls are gone fishing with Nana and Papa at Lake Sabrina. Man I want to go, but:
  • No way in hell my back is going to let me sleep on the ground
  • I need a slightly more sterile environment to retreat to
  • They don't have an Embassy Suites anywhere close
So, we shall see.

Now I am off to sleep a kidless nights sleep...