Health update

I have been busy with appointments this week -- three and it is only Wednesday!

First was with Dr. Lee. My white blood count is still low -- OK considering that I don't have fully functioning bone marrow and am taking Thalomid. Still, the new (lower) strength Thalomid should help. We discussed the Aredia infusions, and decided that we should get a bone density scan done. Other than that it was "eat less carbs, more veggies, loose weight, bla bla bla". Yea, I am still quite overweight, but the meds will either make me gain weight or go anorexic. Got the fat side of that coin toss.

The bone density scan was scheduled for later that day at the new facility on La Palma, next to Fry's. Pretty simple procedure. Just that holding still on a slab of ice cold steel threw my back into spazams of muscular revolt. Give me five minutes to settle down, and I can do it, but it takes a lot of effort to relax the back and get "Zen". When he wanted to scan the hips, I had to point my toes inward and hold it for two minutes. That was NOT going to happen, as my toes never have pointed anywhere other that 11 and 2 o'clock. So we scanned one thigh at a time.

When the tech looked at my back, he could only find 4 vertebra. I have had one whole spinal vertebra disappear! Man, that realy messed with his brain. I have 1, 2, mushyblob, 5.

Yea, I can feel it, too.

Today I went up to the City of Hope for my follow up study on chemo brain. Man, that place is humming with construction! After being beat between the ears (yes, it is rough on the grey matter), I went and had a Tommy's Burger (sorry Dr. Lee). I had forgotten how good the chili was, and how meh the hamburger is.

Oh, and I get a bone marrow biopsy next week. Joy.

Well, it is now tomorrow, I better get into bed...


Day Zero + two years

Two years on, I am grateful that I had the bone marrow transplant. I am alive, healthy, and leading an almost productive life.

Would I do it again?


Can I do it again?


Will I do it again?

The odds are that I will have to do it again at some point. After that, I am out of options.

Health Update

Well, the doctor did reduce my Thalomid from 100 to 50, it seems to have the effect of reducing the numbness in my feet, and now I feel only slightly frostbitten.

My fingers, on the other hand (no pun intended), are still numb. For giggles, I took apart two hard drives I had on my desk. Amazing little devices, those hard drives. They have really strong magnets in them -- KOOL! They also have tiny little screws, and picking them up is a challenge. Typing is also hard... I am a touch typist and boy, some weird stuff comes out when you can't find your home keys!

Still get cramps, though they usually just wake me up in the morning. No sleeping in with these legs.

Tomorrow I have Aredia, so the cramps will be a bit worse this week, as well as some fatigue. A great week for it, I suppose.


That's Me!

I have to admit, it was relitively easy to get on -- I had a great question, though.

He is nice, and it was enjoyable to chat with him. I also watched him on his video stream, which was trippy, because it was a full two seconds delayed (damn internet).

Well, I gotta go shopping...


Jim, Fullerton, CA - Internet Radio recommendations

Jim likes Google Chrome. Leo does to and it’s pretty much all he uses. What he really likes is that if a page crashes, you exit the tab, not Chrome completely. That’s nice.

Jim wants to get a WiFi radio but they seem to be pricey and complicated to set up. Leo says they are. You have to set them up to log into your network. Then you have to find your favorite radio stations within the 25,000 available online. Leo recommends getting a radio that support RECIVA. It’s an online directory which enables you to set them up and then add to favorites. Then a radio that supports Reciva will just connect and download to your favorites.

But what about using an iPad? Leo says that’s an interesting choice, but it’s an expensive option just to listen to radio. Leo recommends the Sonos S5, which is a single setup speaker and it uses WiFi. They just have an on/off and volume. It works with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and can play not only streaming radio but also Pandora and other streaming options. The Speakers also can be placed all over the house. It’s pretty amazing.

RIP Zeb Crum

Last night my grandfather, Zeb Crum, passed away.

He has been in failing health for a few years, and at the age of 91, his body finally gave out.

For as long as he has been deteriorating, the family has fully prepared for this eventuality. This was not unexpected, but it still hits you in ways you never anticipate.

We may be traveling up to Carson City soon, more details to come.


Quick update

I have been busy since the girls got back into school.  I am actively working on setting up a routine, to keep me going and keep me sane.

I try to go to the YMCA on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Ride the bike for 30 minutes (usually about 5 miles) then come home and putter around the house.  If I sit down, there goes the inertia.

On "down days" I try to keep up with my reading.

I have been to Kaiser Sunset for an appointment with the BMT specialist Dr. Sahibi.  I got a flu shot, whooping cough shot, and 9 vials of blood.  Things still look good.  She did change my Thalidomide from 100 to 50 because of my toes turning into unfeeling stumps.  I must say, that the feeling is coming back, and it is a great comfort.  The fingers still are numb, but you take the slightly bad to conquer the truly horrific.

Last weekend we had the girls cousins here -- Jay and Alana.  Jay can come over any time.  Alana needs to calm down and focus on what needs to be done.  Five times I asked her to not go in the grass (doggie land mines) and six times she went out there.  She doesn't like time outs.

I still get worn out (like now) and I don't hesitate to nap.  Sometimes it is good to recognize your limits and make peace with them.

Well, I have to hurry up and relax so we can do Disneyland...


Funniest. Video. Ever... for today.

Got it off a web site called "sharp as a marble" and that about sums it up.