Health Update

Well, the doctor did reduce my Thalomid from 100 to 50, it seems to have the effect of reducing the numbness in my feet, and now I feel only slightly frostbitten.

My fingers, on the other hand (no pun intended), are still numb. For giggles, I took apart two hard drives I had on my desk. Amazing little devices, those hard drives. They have really strong magnets in them -- KOOL! They also have tiny little screws, and picking them up is a challenge. Typing is also hard... I am a touch typist and boy, some weird stuff comes out when you can't find your home keys!

Still get cramps, though they usually just wake me up in the morning. No sleeping in with these legs.

Tomorrow I have Aredia, so the cramps will be a bit worse this week, as well as some fatigue. A great week for it, I suppose.

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