Quick update

I have been busy since the girls got back into school.  I am actively working on setting up a routine, to keep me going and keep me sane.

I try to go to the YMCA on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Ride the bike for 30 minutes (usually about 5 miles) then come home and putter around the house.  If I sit down, there goes the inertia.

On "down days" I try to keep up with my reading.

I have been to Kaiser Sunset for an appointment with the BMT specialist Dr. Sahibi.  I got a flu shot, whooping cough shot, and 9 vials of blood.  Things still look good.  She did change my Thalidomide from 100 to 50 because of my toes turning into unfeeling stumps.  I must say, that the feeling is coming back, and it is a great comfort.  The fingers still are numb, but you take the slightly bad to conquer the truly horrific.

Last weekend we had the girls cousins here -- Jay and Alana.  Jay can come over any time.  Alana needs to calm down and focus on what needs to be done.  Five times I asked her to not go in the grass (doggie land mines) and six times she went out there.  She doesn't like time outs.

I still get worn out (like now) and I don't hesitate to nap.  Sometimes it is good to recognize your limits and make peace with them.

Well, I have to hurry up and relax so we can do Disneyland...

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