Health update

I have been busy with appointments this week -- three and it is only Wednesday!

First was with Dr. Lee. My white blood count is still low -- OK considering that I don't have fully functioning bone marrow and am taking Thalomid. Still, the new (lower) strength Thalomid should help. We discussed the Aredia infusions, and decided that we should get a bone density scan done. Other than that it was "eat less carbs, more veggies, loose weight, bla bla bla". Yea, I am still quite overweight, but the meds will either make me gain weight or go anorexic. Got the fat side of that coin toss.

The bone density scan was scheduled for later that day at the new facility on La Palma, next to Fry's. Pretty simple procedure. Just that holding still on a slab of ice cold steel threw my back into spazams of muscular revolt. Give me five minutes to settle down, and I can do it, but it takes a lot of effort to relax the back and get "Zen". When he wanted to scan the hips, I had to point my toes inward and hold it for two minutes. That was NOT going to happen, as my toes never have pointed anywhere other that 11 and 2 o'clock. So we scanned one thigh at a time.

When the tech looked at my back, he could only find 4 vertebra. I have had one whole spinal vertebra disappear! Man, that realy messed with his brain. I have 1, 2, mushyblob, 5.

Yea, I can feel it, too.

Today I went up to the City of Hope for my follow up study on chemo brain. Man, that place is humming with construction! After being beat between the ears (yes, it is rough on the grey matter), I went and had a Tommy's Burger (sorry Dr. Lee). I had forgotten how good the chili was, and how meh the hamburger is.

Oh, and I get a bone marrow biopsy next week. Joy.

Well, it is now tomorrow, I better get into bed...

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