That's Me!

I have to admit, it was relitively easy to get on -- I had a great question, though.

He is nice, and it was enjoyable to chat with him. I also watched him on his video stream, which was trippy, because it was a full two seconds delayed (damn internet).

Well, I gotta go shopping...


Jim, Fullerton, CA - Internet Radio recommendations

Jim likes Google Chrome. Leo does to and it’s pretty much all he uses. What he really likes is that if a page crashes, you exit the tab, not Chrome completely. That’s nice.

Jim wants to get a WiFi radio but they seem to be pricey and complicated to set up. Leo says they are. You have to set them up to log into your network. Then you have to find your favorite radio stations within the 25,000 available online. Leo recommends getting a radio that support RECIVA. It’s an online directory which enables you to set them up and then add to favorites. Then a radio that supports Reciva will just connect and download to your favorites.

But what about using an iPad? Leo says that’s an interesting choice, but it’s an expensive option just to listen to radio. Leo recommends the Sonos S5, which is a single setup speaker and it uses WiFi. They just have an on/off and volume. It works with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and can play not only streaming radio but also Pandora and other streaming options. The Speakers also can be placed all over the house. It’s pretty amazing.

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