I always liked R. Lee Ermey

He seems to always be in character, or his character is always like him. Pretending to be someone else is hard, being an over the top "yourself" can be fun.

gotta eat din-din now...


It has been one of those days...

Wet, windy, and cold.

Looking at the radar map (love that WunderMap), it's all yellow with some green. That's moderately heavy rain. Been like that for the last two days. Yuck.

Not the best day for Kristin's birthday, either. We wanted to go to Disneyland, but that was ruled out early in the morning. So, we went to Hero's -- what's a few beers on a rainy night?

The girls got her PJ's, and I got her a spatula. It is a nice spatula, OXO brand. Oh, and a foot scrubber -- "AS SEEN ON TV".

Hey, you don't give me a decent list of wants, I have to think for my self -- and that ain't pretty.

I will now crawl into a warm, dry bed and forget about today... oh, tomorrow will be the same >CRAP<.

A dawning realization

While picking up, cleaning up, and doing laundry, I realized that this family has a few unique traits.

  • We love to strip and leave the clothes wherever they land
  • We hate picking them up and sorting them in the laundry
  • We love to eat and leave the dishes wherever they settle
  • We hate cleaning the dishes, and if we could, we would eat out of the bag or on paper plates
  • We like clean clothes
  • We hate doing laundry
  • We hate folding laundry
  • We hate putting clean laundry away in the drawers/shelf/closet
  • We love the ease of a pile of clean laundry in the morning to pick our daily wear from
  • Some of us hate taking baths, but then are impossible to extract from the quickly freezing water
  • A couple of us love THAT ball - and want it NOW - GET AWAY!
Oh, what a twisted, Adams Family kind of family we have!


Another TSA Outrage

Yea, they took nail clippers from an armed soldier.

Great, I get to do that tomorrow at 06:00.

Yep, it's off to the snow and beautiful down town Carson City NV.

Strange, they only get bad weather when I show up.


Upcoming budget cuts

What Obama and Pelosi want for our Navy.

Well, at least it's stealthy...


It's (still) all Bush's Fault

Obama and his lack of change. Hope he doesn't figure it out any time soon.



Well, looks like I have one more drug to check off my list.

Just as I was getting ready for my 2+hour Aredia infusion, they called an put it on hold. Great timing, Dr. Lee!

What this means is that either my bones have strengthened enough to stop the bone boosting drug, or the effectiveness of it is wearing off and damage to other organs is showing up.

When I went for my bone density screening, the guy couldn't figure out where my vertebrae started and ended. I don't think that's a good thing.

Either way, my afternoon is now clear...

I need a nap.


An open note to the City of Fullerton

So, I sort my rubbish into trash and recyclables, and one truck picks both of them up.

Why should I use my time separating my waste, when it obviously is not a priority to anyone?


I think I may just throw some cardboard in the trash and see if they catch me.


Yea, this would be death in the private sector...

I have been to many after hours work events, and this is seriously screwed up. A quality organisation would never condone this kind of behavior -- on or off the clock.

Are these few a bad example? Perhaps. But an organisation with this kind of "leadership" in its ranks is seriously compromised. It is no longer about delivering a quality product, it is about how to screw the system (kids, parents, and the Governor).

Are all teachers like this? Probably not.

The bottom line is this: If you have poor leadership, it infects the whole organisation. I have seen it, and you have too. Business, sports, community, politics -- it is all about the leadership.

Can the New Jersey unions correct themselves? Doubtful.

Well, I gotta go and get ready for "short Wednesday" where the teachers go off and get their mid week drunk on.


See what happens when you help a friend?

Jerry Brown "it's all a lie... I didn't have a plan for California"

Jerry was full of "brown" then, and he is full of it now.

I remember him and his policies when I was a kid, and we were glad to get rid of Governor Moonbeam. But, Californians are a stupid bunch, and he has a chance again.

I gotta check land prices in Texas...



I was exchanging e-mails with my BFF NJS, and he expressed that the future could be looking up after this election.

Not only did I disagree, but I did so vociferously:

don't count on the economy bouncing back. I am not an optimist on this one. The GOP will get in (the house) and successfully screw it up. More people will sit on their cash (gold, guns and bibles). Certainty and stability = good growth environment.

We will have another 3-4 years of uncertainty at least. If there is another "black swan" event, it could be longer. Throw in some government mandated inflation, and we will be lucky to beat Japan's lost decade.
I base my opinions on several things. First is what is going on in the country. People are pissed, scared, and confused. They know that something bad is coming, but what it is, no one knows. There seems to be a lot of talk about "something" and being prepared for it. Call it a Black Swan, SHTF, or zombie attack, folks are stocking up on gold, guns, and spam.

Second, people are giving up playing by the rules. Rules are for suckers. Just ask Timmothy Geitner (head of Treasury) about his taxes, and you get the feeling that they are for the little people. This pattern played out numerous times in the Obama administration.

Not here legally? No, you can't work, but you can go to a UC school at a severe discount!

Bail outs? Chrysler and GM? Healthcare mandates? Sub prime mortgages?

Illegal politicking in a polling place? Ah, she can do it -- she is Queen Michelle!

Insider trading? Who else knows what industries will be regulated and in what way.

Seems like those in charge make up things, screw it up, and then go on to put a fix it without working it through, causing another screw up. Almost like they want it this way. It is incredible to me that no one has called for a stop. If it doesn't work, let it fail and start something else new.

The crisis in confidence -- on both sides -- has lead to the Tea Party protests. Like them, I no longer consider myself a Republican. I would have change my voting status to DTS, but I got lazy and busy with other things. If the GOP screws up, who knows where it goes from there.

And that's the rub.

No one can seem to get a handle on it. No one. The new congress will come into town, inhale the swamp gas that permeates everything there, and simply fail.

They will fail to significantly curtail government power, spending, taxation, regulation, or any of the crap that the current congress has passed this year.

The system is rigged against them.

The house will be Republican, and the Senate will be Democrat -- or RINO at best. The White House will be in 100% Chicago thuggery defense mode. It will be nasty and ugly for the next three years at best.

And nothing will happen.

Obamacare will still be in place -- with a few face saving tweaks here and there. Taxes will rise (or the Bush tax cuts will expire). Regulation from the agencies will kick into overdrive ( EPA regulating CO2). A true vacuum at the top, while the bureaucrats get turbo charged up and the rest of the world passes us by.

Oh, and inflation will start kicking in as "quantitative easing".

Oh, and we no longer are seen as a world leader -- because we won't lead (that's just rude).

So, what's a business man to do? Sit on his gold, guns and spam.

Is there no hope? Not the way I see it. There are only downsides. The Obama fix is in, and the GOP is powerless in the next congress to do anything about it. Some other issue (black swan) will crop up and divert their gnat-like attention away from the necisary heavy duty work that needs to be done.

They are what they are.

Long term, who knows, but it won't be pretty. Will it be like Japan? We can only hope it would only be one lost decade. China? They are sitting on a cauldron that would put Tienanmen Square to shame. Europe? They are convulsing too.

Bottom line?

Click on the links for the articles that support my views. Feel free to disagree or give another viewpoint -- I'm a big boy, I can take it.


Bone Marrow report


Comment: Kappa and lambda light chain immunoperoxidase stains performed on blocks (A1, B1) show a polyclonal distribution of light chain staining in plasma cells. Deeper sections into block (A1) after decalcification also reveal more intact architecture with no evidence of plasma cell dyscrasia.

What does it mean?

I'm good for now!

I need a nap...

Yep, could have seen this coming.

The "greens" are not just in it for the "good". They are looking for the power to control and destroy modern life by any means necessary. Propaganda is their primary tool, and this is a great example.

Stay away from my kids...


Health update

I have been busy with appointments this week -- three and it is only Wednesday!

First was with Dr. Lee. My white blood count is still low -- OK considering that I don't have fully functioning bone marrow and am taking Thalomid. Still, the new (lower) strength Thalomid should help. We discussed the Aredia infusions, and decided that we should get a bone density scan done. Other than that it was "eat less carbs, more veggies, loose weight, bla bla bla". Yea, I am still quite overweight, but the meds will either make me gain weight or go anorexic. Got the fat side of that coin toss.

The bone density scan was scheduled for later that day at the new facility on La Palma, next to Fry's. Pretty simple procedure. Just that holding still on a slab of ice cold steel threw my back into spazams of muscular revolt. Give me five minutes to settle down, and I can do it, but it takes a lot of effort to relax the back and get "Zen". When he wanted to scan the hips, I had to point my toes inward and hold it for two minutes. That was NOT going to happen, as my toes never have pointed anywhere other that 11 and 2 o'clock. So we scanned one thigh at a time.

When the tech looked at my back, he could only find 4 vertebra. I have had one whole spinal vertebra disappear! Man, that realy messed with his brain. I have 1, 2, mushyblob, 5.

Yea, I can feel it, too.

Today I went up to the City of Hope for my follow up study on chemo brain. Man, that place is humming with construction! After being beat between the ears (yes, it is rough on the grey matter), I went and had a Tommy's Burger (sorry Dr. Lee). I had forgotten how good the chili was, and how meh the hamburger is.

Oh, and I get a bone marrow biopsy next week. Joy.

Well, it is now tomorrow, I better get into bed...


Day Zero + two years

Two years on, I am grateful that I had the bone marrow transplant. I am alive, healthy, and leading an almost productive life.

Would I do it again?


Can I do it again?


Will I do it again?

The odds are that I will have to do it again at some point. After that, I am out of options.

Health Update

Well, the doctor did reduce my Thalomid from 100 to 50, it seems to have the effect of reducing the numbness in my feet, and now I feel only slightly frostbitten.

My fingers, on the other hand (no pun intended), are still numb. For giggles, I took apart two hard drives I had on my desk. Amazing little devices, those hard drives. They have really strong magnets in them -- KOOL! They also have tiny little screws, and picking them up is a challenge. Typing is also hard... I am a touch typist and boy, some weird stuff comes out when you can't find your home keys!

Still get cramps, though they usually just wake me up in the morning. No sleeping in with these legs.

Tomorrow I have Aredia, so the cramps will be a bit worse this week, as well as some fatigue. A great week for it, I suppose.


That's Me!


I have to admit, it was relitively easy to get on -- I had a great question, though.

He is nice, and it was enjoyable to chat with him. I also watched him on his video stream, which was trippy, because it was a full two seconds delayed (damn internet).

Well, I gotta go shopping...


Jim, Fullerton, CA - Internet Radio recommendations

Jim likes Google Chrome. Leo does to and it’s pretty much all he uses. What he really likes is that if a page crashes, you exit the tab, not Chrome completely. That’s nice.

Jim wants to get a WiFi radio but they seem to be pricey and complicated to set up. Leo says they are. You have to set them up to log into your network. Then you have to find your favorite radio stations within the 25,000 available online. Leo recommends getting a radio that support RECIVA. It’s an online directory which enables you to set them up and then add to favorites. Then a radio that supports Reciva will just connect and download to your favorites.

But what about using an iPad? Leo says that’s an interesting choice, but it’s an expensive option just to listen to radio. Leo recommends the Sonos S5, which is a single setup speaker and it uses WiFi. They just have an on/off and volume. It works with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and can play not only streaming radio but also Pandora and other streaming options. The Speakers also can be placed all over the house. It’s pretty amazing.

RIP Zeb Crum

Last night my grandfather, Zeb Crum, passed away.

He has been in failing health for a few years, and at the age of 91, his body finally gave out.

For as long as he has been deteriorating, the family has fully prepared for this eventuality. This was not unexpected, but it still hits you in ways you never anticipate.

We may be traveling up to Carson City soon, more details to come.


Quick update

I have been busy since the girls got back into school.  I am actively working on setting up a routine, to keep me going and keep me sane.

I try to go to the YMCA on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Ride the bike for 30 minutes (usually about 5 miles) then come home and putter around the house.  If I sit down, there goes the inertia.

On "down days" I try to keep up with my reading.

I have been to Kaiser Sunset for an appointment with the BMT specialist Dr. Sahibi.  I got a flu shot, whooping cough shot, and 9 vials of blood.  Things still look good.  She did change my Thalidomide from 100 to 50 because of my toes turning into unfeeling stumps.  I must say, that the feeling is coming back, and it is a great comfort.  The fingers still are numb, but you take the slightly bad to conquer the truly horrific.

Last weekend we had the girls cousins here -- Jay and Alana.  Jay can come over any time.  Alana needs to calm down and focus on what needs to be done.  Five times I asked her to not go in the grass (doggie land mines) and six times she went out there.  She doesn't like time outs.

I still get worn out (like now) and I don't hesitate to nap.  Sometimes it is good to recognize your limits and make peace with them.

Well, I have to hurry up and relax so we can do Disneyland...


Funniest. Video. Ever... for today.

Got it off a web site called "sharp as a marble" and that about sums it up.



Almost back to normal

Well, seems like the virus attack is over.

I put away the netbook, got my desktop back from the shop, and started using Windows 7.

I got two new viruses.


Now, being that it is on essentially a new computer (new WD black 1TB hd) with a fresh install of Win7, you would think that I would have a bit of breathing room... But Noooooo.

Security Essentials took care of it -- but what a waste of time. Now I am looking around for viruses every three minutes while my CPU and NET time are being sucked up by Carbonite, and having to wrestle with e-mail pop details (36 hours of not reading the instructions right) and finding old bookmarks and e-mail backups....

Well, you get the picture.

Just think, I actually enjoy some of this.


F*ing virus

  1. My franken computer is in the shop, toasting both hard drives for the second time
  2. I am using a netbook that we use when we travel temporarily
  3. The GD netbook got a virus
  4. It infiltrated my G-mail account
  5. luckily, I don't have many addresses stored there.
I hate this netbook, the keys are all wrong, I can't feel them (or the home keys) and serious typing is quite laborious.

Hope the monster computer is done...


The little people have Stay-cations...

Yes, they can eat arugula...

Time for some hotdogs, Bamster...


More useless info from me...

It is amazing that when you have so little in life to report on, you can report on it all and make it sound so interesting.

Here at the mansion, my main computer crashed after updating XP to prevent the big security hole that came up this week. Well, it wouldn't stop restarting, so I tried to reinstall XP to no avail.


Brain work good not anymore, so off to the new (and slightly scary) computer repair shop. I'll just throw money at it until I have to make another one. Last time I toasted everything -- two new hard drives got me going.

Back at Crum Manor, I fired up the wife's netbook only to have it come up with a virus right away. Some security hole, Microsoft. Caught that one and updated everything, then off to dinner.

This morning, the damn thing had two viruses, and it took all day to unscrew everything.

NOW I get to type on a slick keyboard that I can't feel (neuropathy) on a screen I can barely see (old age).

Well, at least the girls are gone fishing with Nana and Papa at Lake Sabrina. Man I want to go, but:
  • No way in hell my back is going to let me sleep on the ground
  • I need a slightly more sterile environment to retreat to
  • They don't have an Embassy Suites anywhere close
So, we shall see.

Now I am off to sleep a kidless nights sleep...


This guy understands...

I think he is from a state the size of Orange County.

Perfect illustration of what is wrong in the swamp of Washington DC.


Who goes Nazi? ***updated***

I read this article from Harpers ( I know, first time for everything) and immediately recognized several people I have known.

I know the person she describes as Mr. B: He is a great guy, but he signed up for "Airline Captains for Obama". Nice knowing you. Don't call.

Mr. G also sounds familiar.

I also know several Mr. C's... I am not impressed.

What I realized is that the friends I have kept over the years would never "Go Nazi". Not that I have given it much thought, but instinctively I have cherished the friends that are well rooted and don't sway with the winds.

Does that make them boring? No, just reliable. And trustworthy. And worth their (ever expanding) weight in gold.

To my friends: Thank you.

I will continue to keep up my part of the deal.


***This is not to imply that any of my friends ARE National Socialists of Germany.  Replace NAZI with the political Flavor Of The Month, and you get my point.  People that go with the FOTM are unreliable in my estimation, and when things crash (which they do), they are the first to denounce their previous selves.  In short, they are flakes.  Spineless, whipsawed sheep.  Their opinions are as worthless as the ether that carries them.***

Something in the air...

Yep, the stench of failure.

I need a shower...


Update from Dr. Lee's office

I had an appointment with Dr. Lee yesterday, and while I am still "OK", there are some trends that need to be reversed.

First, I am turning into a very large spud, weighing in at 275. True, a vacation followed by a week of preparations for a major party on the 4th didn't help, but still, I need to figure out how to loose weight. I have never voluntarily lost weight. Only twice have I lost weight, once when I had pneumonia, and then when I was having radiation. I need a third way.

Second, my IGD number is creeping up and up. Still within the normal range, but it went up from zero. Steadily.

The neuropathy in my feet and fingers are ever present. Typing -- being a touch typist -- can yeald surprising results. Walking and standing with little feeling in the feet can be a challenge too. I find that I don't lift my feet up, and snag stuff, causing a trip response. Since I don't have control over those micro adjustments that everyone uses to stay upright, I tend to stumble.

Memory, names, and descriptions can still escape me. Instead of caulk, I blurt out "white stuff in a tube that you squirt out to fill gaps in the trim before you paint stuff".

Bottom line, I am a fat stumbling, chemo brained idiot.

Eeesh, I need a nap.


Last night on the road

Here we are at the Pitsburg embassy suites, resting up for our epic flight home. Had dinner at the resturant (very good), the girls had a swim (not so good) and soon, sleep... blessed sleep.

Yesterday was a quiet day, lunch with Pappy, some movies, then dinner with Ron and Jayleene. The girls swam at their house (get the idea that the girls like to swim?), had ice cream, and left completly wiped out.

Today was all the long goodbyes, long drive, and navigating of Pitsburgh.

Whoever the hell mapped out the Pen State road maps should be dug up, tarred, featherd, then stuck back in the ground. Yes, that applies to anyone still alive, too. It is worth it to fly to Ohio, and drive into PA. Of course, we could just wipe the state clean and overlay Kansas's map over it... would any one miss it?

Only a few small navigation errors (and one broken styrofoam ice chest) we came to our final night;s destination.

I must sleep now, long day tomorow.



Update numero three-o

Today we went on a trip to the land of chocolate... Hershey PA!

We went to Hershey Park and the girls had a blast. They mostly went on kiddie rides that you can find at any state fair, but they had fun anyway.

It is a long day, though. Up at 06:30, pick up Papi at 7:45, drive through breakfast, over an hour drive to arrive at Chocolate World at 9:20.

MMMmmmm chocolate.

Heat, humidity, and hills: the three killer H's at Hershey Park.

Long drive home, one crampy nap, then pool time for the girls (they fixed the pump). Time to crash for a while.

Tomorow: family visits and R & R.


Second vacation update

Well, we had a nice time with the Neurotic Mom-in-law. Quite remarkable that I didn't goof up and step in it.
We drove from Puxataney to Lewistown and met up with Kristin's dad. We had dinner here at the hotel and tried to go swimming, but the pool was closed due to a broken pump. Bullshit.

Tomorrow we are off to Hershey Park, and my favorite -- chocolate land!

The wi-fi here is flaky too, thankfully I have the mobile hotspot on my Palm Pre.

Wanna bet the pool is still broken tomorow?

Vacation... the opening rounds

I am blogging from Punxatony Pennsylvania, on a whirl wind vacation of the hills and hollers of PA.
We flew out on Saturday, passing through Chicago. Chicago seems to be the land of dark shoes and socks -- obvious when you are wearing shorts that contrast your white legs and black socks.

The flight on United was OK, but cripes, can they get the seats any closer? On the last leg, we were on a smaller jet, and our seats were spread out through the cabin. I talked nice to the lady, and she got us up in the "economy plus" section near the first class bulkhead and so I had a decent seat for 45 minutes.

When we landed in Pittsburgh, it had just stopped raining. Nice since I hate navigating in the rain. Bad, since it apparently turns to fog after dark. It was one of the scariest rides -- all two hours of it. The fog wasn't even solid or consistent, it would pop up randomly, and sometimes just a wisp. No San Francisco fog banks here, just a bit of sleepy hollow horror around each curve. Since they don't believe in straight roads, it was a two hour pucker powered carnival of fun.

Today, we went to the punxatawny weather museum (a pretty cool place) and the girls went to see the groundhog at the library. We also went to where the big groundhog thing happens, Gobblers Knob (no shit) , and stayed long enough to take a picture (1/20th of a second).

While the girls went to see Grandma's horse Jack, Kristin and I actually had a great outing at the local Walmart. It was great! No "dad -- Dad --DaD -- DAD".

Yesterday, Fathers Day, was spent here at Grandma's house. Kristin's Grandparents came over for brunch and we had a very nice meal and visit. I got a Mickey Mouse shirt, with two little matching dresses for the girls. We were cute. I also slept for a few hours, trying to umpucker.
Well, my beer is dripping humidity all over the table, so I should go outside and drink it...


Well, this would suck

There is a bill going through congress that would effect me (whodathunk?).

My occasional rants about folks inhaling the swamp gas in D.C. and Sacramento could be curtailed and investigated if H.R. 5175.

There is a form letter, but I sent my guy in D.C. a real letter.

We will see how long it takes.

Here is the form letter:

Dear Representative:

I urge you to oppose HR 5175, a bill that will deny the free speech rights of all Americans. Under Title II of this bill:

* Groups like Gun Owners of America (and other groups, as well as many bloggers) who merely mention public officials within 60 days of an election could be required to file onerous disclosures -- potentially including their membership lists -- even though the Supreme Court has previously ruled in NAACP v. Alabama that membership lists (like those of GOA's) are off limits to government control.

* Also, groups like GOA and the NRA could be required to spend as much as half of the time of a 30-second ad on government-written disclosures.

* In addition, Sections 201 through 203 would potentially put the government's snooping eyes on any American who voices a political opinion, despite the fact that the Supreme Court, in Buckley v. Valeo, declared that Americans have a right to voice their opinion to an unlimited extent, if unconnected with a political campaign.

Here's an idea: If Obama is so irritated at the Supreme Court's defense of political free speech by groups like GOA, why doesn't he apply the new rules in HR 5175 to his political allies (like the labor unions), as well?

Suffice it to say, if you care anything about the First or Second Amendments, you will vote against HR 5175. GOA will be scoring this vote on their rating of Congress.


Most of it is mumbo jumbo to me, but I do understand that I can be investigated for not reporting my activities.

Like that will ever happen.

Gotta fortify the front door, the Lakers won...


Two girls, Six awards

Busy day, as it is the final day of any kind of instruction at Acacia School. Caitlyn won 3 awards (writing, citizenship, attendance) and Jenna won 3 awards (Shining Star, citizenship, attendance). We also were treated to Goldilocks and the three Bears by the Acacia Kindergarten class.

Whoo, busy day. Gotta nap


Health update

Generally, pretty good, but could be better.

On April 30th, I went to the City of Hope BMT reunion. This was my second one (celebrating 1 3/4 years). It is a very upbeat party on the lawn of the hospital grounds. I went by myself this time (girls were in school) and had a very nice time.

I come away with deeply turbulent feelings on these things. First, everyone there is a cancer survivor. That in itself is a reason to be happy. You can also see what damage has been done to the body, scarred faces, missing limbs, unstable gaits. But they survived. When you sit down to eat, you always chat with the people around you. I sat with two ladies that had cancer -- one even had the same doctors as I did! The second lady was your stereotypical older lady with loud clothes and super bright personality that you see at art openings. She survived (her first year), but the toll on her body was enormous. Didn't seem to effect her spirit, though.

Walking around, comparing yourself to other survivors (yes, that is what you do -- and you know it), I seem to have come out pretty good.

That is untill you see the kids with the BMT buttons.

This is what always disturbs me the most. The little kids with a button that says that they had a BMT x number of years ago, but they look only half that age. The toll on their bodies is telling, and obvious, at this early stage of what should be a long life. It can't be easy explaining to everyone that they are not able to (fill in the blank) because their body was attacked by cancer, radiated, chemoed, rebuilt from stem cells harvested from them (or someone else), and somehow they survived -- albet in a much weaker form.

I am blessed that the girls are healthy and strong.

I also like to wander the campus and look at all the plaques placed around their. While interesting, it is also a reminder that these people didn't survive. Hope only goes so far.

The statistics are irrefutable. For me, I have 5 years from initial diagnosis. While I may be cancer free now, there is a 70% chance that it will return. The doctors know the numbers, and while they are quite positive about my long term health, the stats don't change just for me.

That puts a different spin on career track guidelines.


As far as how I am doing physically, not bad.

I am fat as a cow, can't feel my toes, can't feel my finger tips, off ballance ( because I can't feel my toes and I am fat), can't remember names worth a crap, get cramps at weird times on weird muscle groups, and can't see well in bright light unless I have my cool new sunglasses.

While I did sign up for the YMCA, I have yet to get into a groove. Excuses, trips, projects, and hey -- is that something shinny? Hopefully, I can get the girls to take me there so they can swim.

My eyes have healed nicely, according to Dr. Rice. I can see 20/20, with some help from reading glasses. While it is nice to "wake up and see the clock", my brain still hasn't been wowed by that. I have to remember to look up to see the clock. It is nice, though.

The thyroid keeps me warm, and I have to keep myself super hydrated or else I start having weird cramps and spasms. I still am learning to listen to my body, something that I really neglected to do in the past.

We will see if I do better over the summer.

I probably should go exercise now (but ice cream sounds soooo tempting).


I'm not dead yet...

Just that not much interesting has been happening with me.

Well, a few things have happened.

  • I finally went and had the lasik eye surgery at the TLC center here in Fullerton. Worked great, but I now need reading glasses for the morning paper (it was inevitable).
  • The puppies chewed my reading glasses.
  • We got new sliding glass windows in the back. Soon, a center window will be installed with a doggie door insert custom made. The windows are realy cool, when you close them you almost get a Star Trek "woosh" when the window seal catches.
  • The puppies chewed the new trim on the windows.
  • Yard work has taken over my life, getting ready for the 4th of July party. Whacked back the hedge with the help of the Jay monster, Mom, and Dad. Planted a bunch of annuals with the help of Mom. Given a few weeks, it should look nice.
  • Yes, the puppies have discovered the joys of digging in the dirt. Once, they dug a nice sized hole right behind my back (I was picking up poo, not watching them). It was in the middle of the yard, right where I could step in it and kill myself. Grrrr...
  • The back yard grass has realy taken a beating with the dogs. I will over seed this weekend and hopefully get rid of all these small holes and brown spots.
The girls are doing great. Jenna finaly lost her second upper toof this morning.

She looks better now.

She also got an award for being a good citizen at school, and that really made her day!

Caitlyn was honored at the recent "Authors Lunch" at Acacia school, where she read her story of her trip to Carson City. She stood up there and read it to the whole crowd. I was very pleased with my up and coming first grader.

She also "bridged" to the next level in Girl Scouts to become a BROWNIE. Big ceremony, lots of hoopla, and a bunch of pre-second graders got recognized.

Caitlyn is also getting some sort of award tomorrow, so I will keep everyone updated on that.

I know, it sounds like Lake Woebegone, but that is my life right now.

Gotta go get Jenna from school, bye!


Grumpy old Fart

That's what I called myself today to one of the Daisy moms. I have a head cold (or allergies), my back hurts when I cough, and I am walking around in a haze.

My back went south Saturday night, and Sunday was just miserable. While It is slowly getting better, once in a while it "catches" and all those bad old memories come back. Coughing doesn't help. Especially the cough jags that I have with this allergy/cold thing.

Oh, and the Sudafed seems to mess with the thyroid pills.

It's 3:45, time for a nap...


I like this

A low point in our political history, this video makes fun of it...

Every one in that room should be run out of town.

Tar. Feather. Rail.


Back from Carson City...

...and note that I didn't say vacation.

Visited with the grands, and considering, they seem OK. Did a bit of work around the house for grandma, nothing serious, but she needs new valves on her washer, and the roof is fine for now, but coming to its chronological end soon.

Pauline and Bob were fantastic hosts, as usual. Went with Bob to Cabella's and finally found a belt that I can wear through security. Re-installed XP on his computer, and it works great now.

While up there, I don't know if it was the altitude, humidity (or lack thereof), or the cold, but I had cramps all over. It took me a few days to recover, once I got home. I think I actually pulled a muscle in my leg when I got home.

As I write this, I am having an old experience that I hoped I had left in the past. Those mid back, sharp twitches that suck the air out of me have started up again. Not fun. Hopefully it is because I pushed myself a bit too far today, carnying some new plants when we went to the Arb today (got some peanuts to plant for Jenna and tomatoes for me).

I should rest now...


Jerry Brown -- I remember him!

Dr. Barbra Stone thought he was a weird kid (she went to school with him). She isn't far off!


Ten years after

Well, we just had our 10th anniversary.

It has been a great ten years, and I hope only the first of many decades with the love of my life.

Yes, we have been through a lot recently, but we did get through it, and will continue to get through these things in the future.


The girl who almost ate the baby...


Guess where we are having Easter next year?

And is she looking forward to it!

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Happy birthday to me...

I have deep thoughts on this day, but they don't go much beyond breakfast... Hurry up and get here parents, I am hungry!

Nom nom nom

Tar, Feathers

Nothing could be better for all the Congress critters in Washington D.C. at the moment.


Cancer update

Last week I had three trips to Kaiser -- one infusion and two doctor appointments.

Infusion went well, as usual. This time, though, the aridia really hit me afterwards. I never experienced the fatigue before, so it was new.

Dr. Sahebi (Kaiser BMT specialist) was pleased with my progress, and took me off another pill. I still have to take the Thalomid, but that's OK. Now it's just vitamins and supplements.

Dr. Lee (Kaiser Oncology) was pleased with my progress too, but was concerned with my white blood count. I get another CBC next week to check on that. He also wants me to take B-12 for my blood. Perhaps I will just eat more steaks.

Toes still tingle, fingers still a bit numb, but that comes with the nerve damage and Thalomid. Balance is a challenge when you can't feel your toes to make the billions of micro corrections you make when balancing.

Cramps are still there, and I can feel it when my feet get cold... it gets painful when you are standing still and your feet cramp up. Looks real bad when one falls over with foot cramps and bad equilibrium.

Well, I need to get dinner started...


Finally, a funny GOP video...

It's funny because it's true!


Ahhh, now that's better!

Five vials today, and all I had to do was to beg for it.

Does that make me weird or something?

Don't answer that.

With the one drawn yesterday, I assumed that something was amiss, and it almost was.

A few weeks ago I went in for another test (thyroid) and they drew for everything BUT thyroid. E-mailed that doctor, and he said "No problem" and I went on my merry way.

Yesterday comes along, and only one vial is drawn. OK, that is for my infusion that I had today, "No problem".

Yesterday I made an appointment for a follow-up with the BMT folks up at Kaiser Sunset. The old tests are getting a bit stale (Multiple Myloma comes up fast) so I checked with Lisa (the Angel of oncology) today and she said that I have more tests to take.


I was at Lakeview anyway for my monthly Aridia infusion, so afterwards, off to the labs for five vials of data.

Now that I am home, three pizza slices and two glasses of 2buck chuck, all is good with the world.

now if only I can wobble to bed.. . .. .


A new blood draw record!


Yes, I was shocked too.

I will probably have more later this week, as it is a busy week. Thursday up to Kaiser Sunset for an appointment with the BMT folks, then Kaiser Lakeview on Friday for my regular oncologist.

Damn, that means I have to loose 10 pounds by Friday.

Well, I better sleep on that one.



Caitlyn is reading in her room, and I suggested she read a book that I had bought years ago, just for my (future) children.

She is reading The BOOK OF VIRTUES by Bill Bennett. I am so proud, she is only six.

Hopefully, some of it will stick.

Time to yell at her to get to bed (it's late!)


Quick hit updates

  • Weather is great, wish you were here.
  • California sucks, stay away.
  • Palm Pre works great, which is good because the phones have been down for weeks.
  • Phones are up (14-Feb-19 11:55 PDT). Call later, see if it remains.
  • Kristin's Grands are having health challenges in PA, but her Mom is there to help.
  • Granpa remains in hospice, has been dreaming of aliens and hillbillies. He hates hillbillies.
  • Don't we all hate hillbillies?
  • Aliens are OK, hillbillies scare me.
  • Cramps are back.
  • Got seven vials drawn on Tuesday, results look OK.
  • Ashley's party was nice last night.
  • Dogs trashed the house this week. Anyone want beagle sausage?


Some asshole broke into Bern's house and pilfered his prize collection of model trains.

There must be a special place in hell for these fuckers.


Yay! The phones are back on!

Since we had the rains recently, our phones have been out.

They are back!

While I have no qualms about going wireless, the problem is that someone may actually want to get us. Yes, there are folks in the family that still think that cell phones are expensive and unreliable (This is true, but they are still more convenient than a land line).

With Grandparents on both sides in tough shape, a land line is quite important.

This, however, did not prompt us to get new cell phones. That was a whole different decision cycle. I got a Palm Pre plus, and Kristin got a Palm Pixi plus.

We love them.

Well, gotta go fiddle with my Pre


Oh, the styles of kids these days...

Well, when you let them dress themselves, the can be creative!

Sometimes, a bit too creative.

I need glasses.

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Tax time is comming...

While I have had some challenges with the tax man lately, this little vid I got from Instapundit via Skippy lightened me up.

Uggg, I gotta start Turbo Tax up again.


Quick update`

Well, the health is OK. I tested it out today by working out in the yard a bit. Just some raking and throwing out some seed, but the cramps are not too bad.

It was COLD out today. Not Punxsutawney cold, but cold for here. Then came the rain. Boy did it rain! Chapman was flooded, and I almost couldn't come home from Costco. Tornado warnings, thunder, and TONS of rain mid day. This afternoon -- blue skies.

Dogs still have their "cones of shame" on. They have adapted to them, and thankfully have figured out how to go out the doggie door with them on. One more week of shame for them.

The girls Daisey scout troops are going to start selling cookies soon, so we are gearing up for that challenge. It should be interesting -- two girls in different troops. The shy one (whichever it ends up being) will loose out. Just another life lesson I suppose.

The house held up, and with the new skin, looks marvelous. Total transformation.

Well, I gotta take some pills. Later.


One project down, a bajillion more to go...

The stucco project is done.

The stone work is done.

I am so happy to have it done that I may just relax a bit. This has been going on since May or June of last year. One refi, several change orders, and many decisions later, it is done, done, DONE!

Now I have to revitalize the landscaping and repair all the sprinkler heads that were damaged during the construction phase. Just putting up the porch lights took me a whole day last week. This reflects the fact that I am mostly able to do this kind of work, but the little dexterous things still challenge me. I can screw in surface mounts on a light box, but my fingers are numb just enough so that I can't feel the threads catching, and if I drop it, I am not fast enough to twist and catch it. I also have to have someone (like an adult) around to call 911 if I fall off the ladder.

Time to stick to gardening.


Work continues

The work continues on the house.

A fresh layer of stucco, and the stone guys started today.

Been busy with that, girls school, puppies, and nursing a cold that just kinda lingers... and lingers...

G'nite, I am wore out.

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