I'm not dead yet...

Just that not much interesting has been happening with me.

Well, a few things have happened.

  • I finally went and had the lasik eye surgery at the TLC center here in Fullerton. Worked great, but I now need reading glasses for the morning paper (it was inevitable).
  • The puppies chewed my reading glasses.
  • We got new sliding glass windows in the back. Soon, a center window will be installed with a doggie door insert custom made. The windows are realy cool, when you close them you almost get a Star Trek "woosh" when the window seal catches.
  • The puppies chewed the new trim on the windows.
  • Yard work has taken over my life, getting ready for the 4th of July party. Whacked back the hedge with the help of the Jay monster, Mom, and Dad. Planted a bunch of annuals with the help of Mom. Given a few weeks, it should look nice.
  • Yes, the puppies have discovered the joys of digging in the dirt. Once, they dug a nice sized hole right behind my back (I was picking up poo, not watching them). It was in the middle of the yard, right where I could step in it and kill myself. Grrrr...
  • The back yard grass has realy taken a beating with the dogs. I will over seed this weekend and hopefully get rid of all these small holes and brown spots.
The girls are doing great. Jenna finaly lost her second upper toof this morning.

She looks better now.

She also got an award for being a good citizen at school, and that really made her day!

Caitlyn was honored at the recent "Authors Lunch" at Acacia school, where she read her story of her trip to Carson City. She stood up there and read it to the whole crowd. I was very pleased with my up and coming first grader.

She also "bridged" to the next level in Girl Scouts to become a BROWNIE. Big ceremony, lots of hoopla, and a bunch of pre-second graders got recognized.

Caitlyn is also getting some sort of award tomorrow, so I will keep everyone updated on that.

I know, it sounds like Lake Woebegone, but that is my life right now.

Gotta go get Jenna from school, bye!

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