Last night on the road

Here we are at the Pitsburg embassy suites, resting up for our epic flight home. Had dinner at the resturant (very good), the girls had a swim (not so good) and soon, sleep... blessed sleep.

Yesterday was a quiet day, lunch with Pappy, some movies, then dinner with Ron and Jayleene. The girls swam at their house (get the idea that the girls like to swim?), had ice cream, and left completly wiped out.

Today was all the long goodbyes, long drive, and navigating of Pitsburgh.

Whoever the hell mapped out the Pen State road maps should be dug up, tarred, featherd, then stuck back in the ground. Yes, that applies to anyone still alive, too. It is worth it to fly to Ohio, and drive into PA. Of course, we could just wipe the state clean and overlay Kansas's map over it... would any one miss it?

Only a few small navigation errors (and one broken styrofoam ice chest) we came to our final night;s destination.

I must sleep now, long day tomorow.

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