Vacation... the opening rounds

I am blogging from Punxatony Pennsylvania, on a whirl wind vacation of the hills and hollers of PA.
We flew out on Saturday, passing through Chicago. Chicago seems to be the land of dark shoes and socks -- obvious when you are wearing shorts that contrast your white legs and black socks.

The flight on United was OK, but cripes, can they get the seats any closer? On the last leg, we were on a smaller jet, and our seats were spread out through the cabin. I talked nice to the lady, and she got us up in the "economy plus" section near the first class bulkhead and so I had a decent seat for 45 minutes.

When we landed in Pittsburgh, it had just stopped raining. Nice since I hate navigating in the rain. Bad, since it apparently turns to fog after dark. It was one of the scariest rides -- all two hours of it. The fog wasn't even solid or consistent, it would pop up randomly, and sometimes just a wisp. No San Francisco fog banks here, just a bit of sleepy hollow horror around each curve. Since they don't believe in straight roads, it was a two hour pucker powered carnival of fun.

Today, we went to the punxatawny weather museum (a pretty cool place) and the girls went to see the groundhog at the library. We also went to where the big groundhog thing happens, Gobblers Knob (no shit) , and stayed long enough to take a picture (1/20th of a second).

While the girls went to see Grandma's horse Jack, Kristin and I actually had a great outing at the local Walmart. It was great! No "dad -- Dad --DaD -- DAD".

Yesterday, Fathers Day, was spent here at Grandma's house. Kristin's Grandparents came over for brunch and we had a very nice meal and visit. I got a Mickey Mouse shirt, with two little matching dresses for the girls. We were cute. I also slept for a few hours, trying to umpucker.
Well, my beer is dripping humidity all over the table, so I should go outside and drink it...

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