Cancer update

Last week I had three trips to Kaiser -- one infusion and two doctor appointments.

Infusion went well, as usual. This time, though, the aridia really hit me afterwards. I never experienced the fatigue before, so it was new.

Dr. Sahebi (Kaiser BMT specialist) was pleased with my progress, and took me off another pill. I still have to take the Thalomid, but that's OK. Now it's just vitamins and supplements.

Dr. Lee (Kaiser Oncology) was pleased with my progress too, but was concerned with my white blood count. I get another CBC next week to check on that. He also wants me to take B-12 for my blood. Perhaps I will just eat more steaks.

Toes still tingle, fingers still a bit numb, but that comes with the nerve damage and Thalomid. Balance is a challenge when you can't feel your toes to make the billions of micro corrections you make when balancing.

Cramps are still there, and I can feel it when my feet get cold... it gets painful when you are standing still and your feet cramp up. Looks real bad when one falls over with foot cramps and bad equilibrium.

Well, I need to get dinner started...

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