One project down, a bajillion more to go...

The stucco project is done.

The stone work is done.

I am so happy to have it done that I may just relax a bit. This has been going on since May or June of last year. One refi, several change orders, and many decisions later, it is done, done, DONE!

Now I have to revitalize the landscaping and repair all the sprinkler heads that were damaged during the construction phase. Just putting up the porch lights took me a whole day last week. This reflects the fact that I am mostly able to do this kind of work, but the little dexterous things still challenge me. I can screw in surface mounts on a light box, but my fingers are numb just enough so that I can't feel the threads catching, and if I drop it, I am not fast enough to twist and catch it. I also have to have someone (like an adult) around to call 911 if I fall off the ladder.

Time to stick to gardening.

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