Quick update`

Well, the health is OK. I tested it out today by working out in the yard a bit. Just some raking and throwing out some seed, but the cramps are not too bad.

It was COLD out today. Not Punxsutawney cold, but cold for here. Then came the rain. Boy did it rain! Chapman was flooded, and I almost couldn't come home from Costco. Tornado warnings, thunder, and TONS of rain mid day. This afternoon -- blue skies.

Dogs still have their "cones of shame" on. They have adapted to them, and thankfully have figured out how to go out the doggie door with them on. One more week of shame for them.

The girls Daisey scout troops are going to start selling cookies soon, so we are gearing up for that challenge. It should be interesting -- two girls in different troops. The shy one (whichever it ends up being) will loose out. Just another life lesson I suppose.

The house held up, and with the new skin, looks marvelous. Total transformation.

Well, I gotta take some pills. Later.

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