Quick hit updates

  • Weather is great, wish you were here.
  • California sucks, stay away.
  • Palm Pre works great, which is good because the phones have been down for weeks.
  • Phones are up (14-Feb-19 11:55 PDT). Call later, see if it remains.
  • Kristin's Grands are having health challenges in PA, but her Mom is there to help.
  • Granpa remains in hospice, has been dreaming of aliens and hillbillies. He hates hillbillies.
  • Don't we all hate hillbillies?
  • Aliens are OK, hillbillies scare me.
  • Cramps are back.
  • Got seven vials drawn on Tuesday, results look OK.
  • Ashley's party was nice last night.
  • Dogs trashed the house this week. Anyone want beagle sausage?

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