Just a though...

Just realized how many groups and organizations want part of my (very pitiful) pile of cash.
1) St. Juliana Falconieri church just started their PSA campaign (again) wanting to expunge their debt of over $1million.
2) The Foundation The Acacia Partnership - Supporting Acacia Elementary School wants money to save programs on the cutting block
3) The GOP wants money so they can continue to be impotent in the face of any opposition
4) The City Of Hope wants money to keep researching my cancer in hopes of a cure - not a stand off
5) The NRA, CPRA, and NRA-ILA want money so I can keep my God given rights in place
6) Jerry Brown and his ass-hat clowns want more money so they won't cut funding to the Snail Darter Commission
7) Obama wants more money to teach people a lesson about having too much (or something)

Yes, I pay money to all these groups for various reasons... Not much, sometimes nothing (yes, I am looking you GOP), but stewardship of this world requires commitment of time and treasure.

Trust me, there is never enough of either.

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