Stem Cell Update

Well, for a successful transplant, they usually need 5 million stem cells. For Myloma patients, they like 10 million (but will settle for 8 million) -- enough for 2 complete transplants.

The first day my collection was 2.1 million, not bad they said.

The second day I filterd out 2.9 million -- great progress, half way there!

The third day (Friday) I pumped out 2.6 million.

Just short of the minimum. Drat. So, once again, up before dawn, drive an hour in traffic, lay on my butt for four dull hours, and drive home in traffic again. Just like a #@$%# job!

There are no real side effects from this harvesting, I just feel beat when I get home. The folks are super nice, and make it as pleasurable as possible. Just kills any momentum I may have had.


While I was there on Thursday they had two small girls getting their blood processed. To say it was difficult to watch is an understatement.

I am so blessed to have two very healthy girls, and I pray that they need not have this happen to them.

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