9.1 Million!

Sorry, I have been fatigued and busy to update lately. Here is the big scoop... 9.1 million stem cells collected in 4 sessions! They say that that is pretty good (but they may just be blowing sunshine up my skirt for all I know).

So what does that mean? I get to stop commuting to Duarte every morning. I have forgotten how miserable drive time is. They no longer hook me up to a Rube-Goldberg type of machine to take the blood out, filter it, then put it back in. I no longer have to take Nupagen shots in the leg (sorry Kristin, no more stabbing the husband anymore).

I still have to take care of the Hickman Catheter (It's in my chest, Gary -- sheesh!). That means care around the wound site, daily double Heperin shots through the tube, and not being able to shower without covering the wound site in plastic sheeting.

I am looking forward to getting my stamina back, the Nupagen causes fatigue, and encourages bruising. Last Sunday, Jenna had an early birthday party (I'll be in the hospital on her actual birthday), and I really felt beat afterward. Getting the house ready on Saturday, I pushed a bit too much, hit the wall, and couldn't rebound as fast as I wanted.

Well, the girls are up from their nap, and I have to negotiate a treaty on who plays with what.

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