Scary things at Disneyland -- Pre Halloween!

The crowds have thinned a bit at Disneyland, and I have been taking the girls there more often (while I can). While it's not Bats Day (dark, gothic idiots walking around in 90 degree heat) or Gay Day ('nuff said), you still can find freakishly dressed people around.

While I am obsessing about my hair, I saw two unfortunates that I had to take pictures of.

Purple Hair -- something to distract from the big butt, probably. Why would someone ruin perfectly good hair? Makes no sense to me.

Ultimate Mullet -- over compensating for the bald spot? Look, at some point, give up the youthful long hair. It's gray, stringy, and probably gets in your chicken noodle soup. You are not a Jedi Knight in training, either. Yes, it's impressive, probably taking the better part of 20 years of not cutting it, but it's over. It's 2008, not 1968.

The thing is, if you stare at them, they get irritated about it. Gosh, is that not what you wanted in the first place?

I have the same disdain for tattoos, and unless you are a pirate or a Marine, you are just a poser...

TIP: Click on the picture for a larger image, you will be frightened.
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