What has been happening lately

Actually, not much.

I am on hold with the COH until the 26th of September for admission, after which things will happen fast and furious.

I am using the time to relax, get mentally prepared, and catch up with some small projects around the house. I am also trying to spend time with the girls, doing various things (Disneyland).

The bald thing is also taking some getting used to. The wind blows over my head... and I feel it! Strange. Wearing a hat outside (I am not hep to putting sun block on). I have to keep shaving it, because if not, I will have fuzz when the next chemo zaps me. Fuzz is more annoying than long hair. I will see how I feel about it in October.

Well, Kristin and Catie are on their way home, so we are off to D-land.

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