Day +1

Today was relatively quiet, no visitors (yet). I was busy on the phone and computer with Kristin, Mom, Dad, and the girls calling.

Got a great card from Henry Roder, it actually came snail mail -- and got here in time!

At this point, I can walk about for short periods without my "tree of life" following me. I have to wear a mask and gloves, so I don't catch anything from the great unwashed public. It is nice to walk around without the constant irritation of tubes and low level clicking and humming. This pleasure will probably cease at by the weekend, as the doctors expect my blood counts to crash, necessitating me to be hooked up and primed with antibiotics, anti fungal, and anti viral drugs.

There was the fire alarm going off, kinda messed up my nap time. Someone was over zealous with the popcorn, scorched it, and set off the alarm.

Well, I am going to walk a bit (while I can).

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