Impressions of my first night

Well, the first night is over, and I have a few observations.

First, I miss my bed, pillow, and open window. The sterile vinyl bed, non absorbent pillow, and locked and sealed for my safety windows put a cramp in my style.

The constant click-click-click of the four IV pumps are not enough to come to the forefront of my consciousness, but click-click-clicks away at my subconscious. They also beep. Quietly at first. Then if ignored, they get really pissed off and go BEEP BEEP BEEP! Usually this happens just after you get back to sleep after your midnight blood draw (11 vials yesterday, 5 today ).

I forgot how skinny they make beds. I always said, the best marital aide is a King sized bed. While it is sort of cool to have it pop up and down, it is still a plastic vinyl (not even naugahyde ) mattress. I discovered that I sweat at night. Not major puddles, but just enough to "get sticky". Not very conducive to restful sleep.

The food isn't bad, once you figure out the system. I foolishly ordered steak with a side of corn, and a slice of chocolate cake. I have eaten bigger slices of beef jerky than this steak. Corn was good, but it's tricky when you are in bed (they roll off the spoon). Not quite enough for the night, so I ordered popcorn and apple pie before the kitchen shut down.

Breakfast and lunch today were actually good. Scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, biscuits and gravy... Yum! For lunch I had the chef's special, BBQ burger with cheese and fries.

They gave me my first chemo today. Looked like about a 1/4 cup of clear fluid. They prepped me with several anti nausea, anti this, and anti that potions, so I don't feel bad at all.

One last observation, in this hospital everyone entering the rooms must be gloved and masked. I am having difficulty dealing with people without the visual feedback of their face. I crack a joke, no smile (that I can see). It is like dealing with passive aggressive people, you just don't know. Makes communication difficult.

Gotta nap!

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