And so it begins...

Last night, after unscrewing up my computer (screwing down?)with the invaluable help of my BFF Neal, the bone pain they have been warning me about hit.

Once again, a new level, a new form, a totally new experience with pain.

The Nupagen is supposed to stimulate my bone marrow into producing more blood and blood by products. Things I need, like white blood cells, red blood cells and most importantly, stem cells. The problem is, I felt it. Every over stimulated cell, pushing out with each heart beat. Each wave of cells accompanied by pain: pump, puMP, PUMP, PUmp, pump. Each pump taking my breath away, as the rib cage seemingly contracts to push out the life giving cells. The pelvis bone pumping out cells, making the knees weak. The spine thrusting out plazma, but making me hunch over like an old man.

The Rx for pain they gave me didn't kick in for what seemed forever. Vicodin is supposed to be taken (according to the directions) once every four hours. The problem, is that the pill lasts only three hours. Tough to sleep that way. I called the nurse at COH, and she said I can take two tablets. Joy.

The pain has stoped at this point, I don't know if it is the pills or that it has gone away on it's own.

Oh, well. This cheered me up this morning. A great new movie coming out, watch some of it here:

I'll go see it!

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